Monopoli & Polignano a Mare PUGLIA, ITALY

Truly amazing! Puglia keeps on giving and we have saved the best ‘til last!

Our personal guide picked us up at 10am in the morning to take us on a memorable journey through his favourite places in Puglia. Giorgio a proud and fun loving Italian made us feel instantly connected to both him and the places we visited.

Our first stop was to Monopoli a place that Giorgio himself wants to live with his girlfriend and newly born son. But before arriving, we took a short stroll through an olive grove that Puglia is famous for. Giorgio delights in finding animal shapes within these old gnarly olive tree trunks (even without a drink!). Trees marked with a number signify that they are well over 1000 year old!

Monopoli is again a beautiful old town with whitewashed walls, similar to many others in Puglia but with ocean views!

Whilst Monopoli has a picturesque old town on a harbour. Polignano a Mare has the “money shot”, spectacular beach panorama that has featured on many travel publications and you can see why! But Giorgio also wanted us to see if the local coffee “Caffè Speciale” could beat the Lecce coffee “Café Leccese”. It did! (Google it for the ingredients, you won’t be disappointed).

It wouldn’t be right to just witness this stunning beach on a glorious 27 deg C day without actually joining the locals for a dip! So we did!

After dragging ourselves away it was time to make tracks to Matera our final stop in this stunning part of Italy.

Tomorrow Giorgio will take us through the “Sassi” in Matera before heading across to the Amalfi coast.

Trulli shrouded in morning fog
Outside our Trullo
A stroll amongst 1000 year old olive groves


Resident shoe repairman
Monopoli Harbour

Polignano a Mare

“The Money Shot”
Old Trulli in wheat fields by the ocean
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Stephen Mathieson