The Hero Herald Week of September 21, 2020


Duff Elementary . . . No Ordinary Family!

Face-to-Face instruction is quickly approaching and we are so looking forward to seeing students and having a small piece of "normal". Thank you for responding to the survey regarding how your child will return to school. As of Friday, September 18th, we have approximately 400 students returning for face-to-face instruction. Please see below for the hybrid schedule.

Please do not arrive to drop off students before 7:45AM. This will allow teachers to park in the parking lots. If your student will be walking to school, please don't have them leave home before 7:45AM. Our doors open at 7:55AM.

Students in PRE-K - 2nd GRADE will be dropped off and picked up in the circle drive at west end of campus for car/bus/daycare riders.

Students in 3rd - 6th GRADE will be dropped off and picked up in the gym parking lot at the south end of the campus.

All WALKERS pre-k through 6th grade will enter and exit the front door.

District wellness survey to be completed daily

The wellness survey is to be completed by every parent/student daily. This is a guidance document on understanding how the application works. 

Step 1 – A daily email is sent to the parent email address on file. Email is sent from Noreply@aisd.net. The email will be sent daily between 4:00 am-6:00 am. Below is an example of what the email will look like.

Step 2 – The parent/student completes the wellness survey. Survey Questions View. The wellness survey has a drop down menu for English, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

Step 3 – At the completion of the survey the parent/student and staff will receive a verification response based on how they answered the survey questions for that day.

• Eligible to attend in person class, work, or activities (Approved)

• Not eligible to attend in-person class, work, or activities (Not Approved)

Step 4 – A daily response is recorded in the Qualtrics dashboard for campus/department view.

• Principals, AP’s and the campus nurse will have access to the Qualtrics dashboard.

• Daily verification should be done for every student.

Step 5 - Options for proof of completing the survey:

• Campuses may choose to ask the parent/student to show them the response from the daily survey (drop off, students with phones).

• The dashboard will show names of students in alpha order and can be used to check names.

Hybrid Learning: Launching September 28th for 2 weeks & Face to Face Launching October 13th:

What do I need to know about Hybrid/Face to Face Learning that will begin September 28th?

• The Hybrid Face to Face Model is divided by last name. On Mondays and Tuesdays, any learner with the last name A-L who has chosen face to face for their learning model this year will come to Duff to learn. On Wednesdays and Thursdays, any learner with the last name M-Z who has chosen face-to-face for their learning model this year will come to Duff to learn. On Friday, A-L will come to school. Then the second week, the learners will follow that same schedule. Friday, October 9th is a student holiday so no learner will come to school on that day.

• The days that your learner is at home, he/she will be doing the exact same work as those in the classroom. They will not miss any of the instruction at home, it will just be done virtually vs with their teacher in person.

• When learners are in class, they will continue to do the work through Canvas and Seesaw primarily. Their teacher will be there to do their live lessons in person, however the majority of their work will continue through these learning systems. The reason for that is to minimize disruptions throughout the year if a learner chooses remote learning, if a learner has to be quarantined for any reason, and if we have another shut down due to COVID 19 cases spiking.

• During Hybrid Face-to-Face and Face-to-Face learning this school year, no visitors will be allowed in the school. No outside lunch can be brought in. No parent/family may eat lunch with their child. If you need to make an appointment to come to the school, you will do so by calling the school as you have been doing during the online learning. Learners will also enter the building by themselves each morning as well and walk to class on their own.

• Our school can only be open 15 minutes prior to the start of school. This year, our doors will open at 7:55 AM and no earlier. Please note that we will not allow learners to be congregating outside of Duff before 7:55 so do not drop off before then and please if your learner walks, ask them not to get to school before 7:55 AM.

• Learners will come inside after their temperature is checked. We will also be checking that they have their masks on (1st-6th grade) PK/K is encouraged but not required. Learners will be given a mask if they do not have one however; we strongly encourage you all to get masks for your learners before September 28th.

• Once inside, learners will go straight to their homeroom class. If they need breakfast, they will grab breakfast from a kiosk in the main hallway and then head straight to class. Class begins at 8:10 AM

• Classrooms will have desks separated 3-6 feet apart. If there are tables, there will be dividers to help minimize how close learners are to one another. All learners in 1st-6th grade must wear masks all day unless they are eating lunch or playing at recess or attending PE. They will be required to wear masks while transitioning to these activities.

• Learners will go to the cafeteria for lunch. We have designated seats that are 6 feet apart. Once we get our numbers in of how many learners are face-to-face vs how many learners are remote, we will have a better idea of how many classes can eat in the cafeteria. If there are too many learners in that grade level to social distance in the cafeteria, they will eat in their classrooms and be monitored by the lunch monitors and other support staff at Duff.

• At any time if you would like your child to pivot from in person learning to online, you can do so and your child can start online the next day, without missing a beat. The learners at home will be on the exact same page as our learners in school. This is possible due to our virtual/hybrid master schedule that you all have been following since August 17th.

What your student needs to bring to school each day for face-to-face learning:

  1. mask (Duff is providing each student with a lanyard to help them keep up with their mask)
  2. supplies (pencils, crayons, scissors, glue, colored pencils, pens, supply bag)
  3. technology device including charger and power cord
  4. headphones
  5. water bottle (please have your child's name clearly written on their belongings)
  6. textbooks/journals

Please read the Duff student/family Guidebook

Mark Your Calendar

  • September 25th - End of 1st Six Weeks
  • September 28th - Hybrid Model begins
  • October 2nd - Reports Card Day
  • October 5th - 8th - 3rd -6th CAs
  • October 9th - School Holiday
  • October 13th - School Holiday
  • October 16th - Early Dismissal

How to Be In The Know. . .


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