Lewis and Clark By:William Borden

There were 5 key players in the Lewis and Clark expedition.

William Clark-He was picked by Lewis to help with the new corps discovery.

This is WIlliam Clark

Meriwether Lewis- He was Jefferson's aid prior to the expedition but was put in charge for the long travel.

This is Meriweather Lewis

Thomas Jefferson- He was the president during all of this and he put together the whole thing for Lewis and Clark to do.

This is Thomas Jefferson

Sacagawea- She had experience in the wilderness and with Native American tribes which made their journey a lot easier because she knew the land.

This is sacagawea

Sergeant Charles Floyd-He was one of the first corps volunteers and was originally supposed to lead the expedition.

Lewis and Clark had a lot of accomplishments.

1. The whole journey was a total of 3,700 miles of walking through mountains and forests.

2. Lewis and Clark both mapped out a very large portion of North America.

3. They established trade with different Native American tribes which will help them in the future for sure.

Although they had good accomplishments they had some major hardships along the way.

1. One of their hardships were that they had to cross the Rocky Mountains with all of their things and animals.

2. Yes they did make trade with the Native Americans but they did have some encounters with them that could have jeopardised the whole expedition like attacks and fights.

3. They had to face all types of weather on their way too like rain, lightning,snow, and heat.

They discovered many plants and animals along the way.

The grizzly bear

They had over 40 encounters with these bears.


These animals look cute but can be deadly

The red fox

They discovered these animals but they were not a threat because they avoided humans.

The route taken by Lewis and Clark state by state

Philadelphia, PA - Gettysburg, PA 140 miles

Gettysburg PA - Pittsburgh, PA

(via Harpers Ferry, West Virginia) 260 miles

Pittsburgh, PA - Cincinnati, Ohio 482 miles

Cincinnati, Ohio - Clarksville, Indiana / Louisville, Kentucky 101 miles

Clarksville, Indiana - Paducah, Kentucky 245 miles

Paducah, Kentucky - Wood River, Illinois 228 miles

St. Louis, Missouri - Kansas City, Missouri 277 miles

Kansas City, Missouri - Omaha, Nebraska 225 miles

Omaha, Nebraska - Yankton, South Dakota 176 miles

Yankton, South Dakota - Pierre, South Dakota 230 miles

Pierre, South Dakota - Bismarck, North Dakota 210 miles Bismarck, North Dakota - Williston, North Dakota (through New Town, North Dakota) 251 miles More info

Williston, North Dakota - Great Falls, Montana

( Lewis and Clark 1805 route) 421 miles More info


Williston, North Dakota - Billings, Montana

(1806 route - Yellowstone River) 332 miles More info

Billings, Montana - Great Falls, Montana

(through Bozeman, Three Forks, Helena) 335 miles More info

Great Falls, Montana - Missoula, Montana 170 miles More info


Billings, Montana - Salmon, Idaho 375 miles More info

Salmon, Idaho - Missoula, Montana 140 miles More info

Missoula, Montana - Lewiston, Idaho 200 miles More info

Lewiston, Idaho - The Dalles, Oregon 269 miles More info

The Dalles, Oregon - Seaside, Oregon

Lewis and Clark had many tools and resources with them.

Lewis and Clark had guns.tools.horses.wagons, and boats all of their supplies totaled 3,500 pounds of resources.

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