How To Make a Quesadilla [Tortilla & cheese]

First off, you need to start with the ingredients for what will be in the quesadilla. You can use what ever it is you like. Today I will be just using shredded cheese, tortilla, and any cooking oil. To prepare your ingredients you will need a sharp knife and cutting board. Also, if the cheese is not already shredded, you will need to do that as well.
While prepping the ingredients or after the stove should be turned on to a medium flame marked on the stove knob. Lightly spread a tablespoon of cooking oil in the pan. Wait about sixty seconds for it to heat up.
Once heated, place a tortilla in the pan followed by the ingredients on top of the tortilla. if you are only using one tortilla only put the ingredients on one half of the tortilla like the picture above. You can also use the two tortillas quesadilla where you would spread out the ingredients across the whole tortilla in the pan.
Next, you would place another tortilla over the the one in the pan or...
fold the tortilla in half if just using one tortilla. Next, flip the tortilla over without spilling the ingredients. At this time the cheese should be melting. Let it cook for another 60 to 120 seconds or til golden brown. Turn off the flame by turning the stove knob to the left until the flame goes out. Using a spatula, lift the quesadilla out of the pan and place on a plate.
At this point it is really up to your preference on how you cut or don't cut the quesadilla. From here you can dress the quesadilla with a number of toppings.

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