Indian Independence an INTERVIEW with Mahatma gandhi

Indian Independence Gained on August 17, 1947

An Exclusive interveiw with Mahatma Gandhi

American interviewer Alex Pardi visits India to personally interview the famous Gandhi!

Pardi: Good morning Mr. Gandhi. I would like to start off the interview by asking you to give a little bit of back ground about yourself?

Gandhi: My name is Mohandas Gandhi! I was born October 2, 1869 in India. I am an Indian nationalist fighting for the independence of India!

Pardi: What kind of tactics do you use to fight against the British?

Gandhi: I use non-violent tactics and civil disobedience to achieve my goals.

Pardi: Why do you use non-violent tactics?

Gandhi: An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind, If you fight with violence you will only spring more violence, its a domino affect.

Pardi: What are some acts that you have done to defy British rule

Gandhi: I started by rallying and burning the personal identification cards, eventually i started the homespun movement asking the people of India to spin their own cloth so that the British would lose profit. They take our lands cotton and bring it back to their textile factory's in Britain and make the cloth then bring it back and sell it to us. So i urged the people to spin their own cloths to hurt the British economy.

Pardi: Is it true that you once traveled to the sea on a 240 mile journey to make salt?

Gandhi: Yes, I thought that by gathering a group to walk to the sea to make salt i could challenge the British government. The British had a monopoly over salt making it illegal to make your own salt. So as an act of civil disobedience i gathered a group and set off to the sea. As i marched more and more gathered.

Pardi: Why do you want independence so bad?

Gandhi: India should be run by the people of India. India should be able to create it's own riches.

Pardi: Are you happy about the Partitioning of India?

Gandhi: No I wanted the brothers and sisters of India to unite no matter what religion they were. Muslim or Hindu, that didn't matter. We are all family and should not be separated.

Pardi: Because of the partitioning of India, many fights broke out; you fasted because of this, is that true? Why is this?

Gandhi: Yes I was hoping that i could make a statement that i was unhappy about what has happened, and maybe make an impact on the peoples decision to stop the fighting.

Pardi: Thank you so much Mr. Gandhi it was a pleasure to speak with you!

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