Save Sea Lions by Sofia Sneass

How Do Sea Lions Look?

What's brown, grey and tan, lives in the ocean and is extremely cute?! A Sea Lion of course! First, let's look at the size, length and height of a Sea Lion. First of all this creature is pretty heavy, about 400 pounds to be exact. Sea Lions usually have a height of 2 feet and a length of 6 feet. Next, let's have a look at the body features of a Sea Lion. The Sea Lion has a thin coat of fur and it comes in colors of brown, grey and tan. Sea Lions also have five claws on each front flipper. Finally, why don’t we look at some of the interesting facts about Sea Lions. Sea Lions look alot like seals but the difference is that Sea Lions have ear flaps and seals don't. They also have five claws in each front flipper theas five claws help Sea Lions hunt and grip on to ice. If you ever get to see a Sea Lion in person take a look at some of their amazing body features.

where do sea lions live?

Of course if you ever get to see a Sea lion in person you’ll need to know where it lives. First, you’ll need to know where the location of a Sea Lions habitat is. Sea Lions live in Asia and North America however they are the most common mammal in the Galapagos. Secondly, you will need to know what the climate is like where Sea Lions live. Sea Lions like to dive between 400-900 feet. Theas creatures usually like to live in a temperature of 37.5 C. Lastly, I’m going to tell you about where a Sea Lion sleeps. Sea Lions sleep on land and in the ocean and can sleep up to 12 hours. Without a doubt sea lions have an awesome habitat.

What Do Sea Lions Eat?

Sea Lions are fascinating creatures and have an awesome diet too. First, I’m going to tell you what Sea Lions prey is. Sea Lions are omnivores meaning that they eat plants and meat. A Sea Lion's diet consists mainly of squid, crab and fish, however Sea Lions are sometimes seen grazing seagrass on the ocean floor like a giraffe picking leaves off of a tree. Secondly, you’re going to need to know how a sea Lion catches or finds their food. Usually Sea Lions hunt in groups by picking off the individuals around the edges. However when food is scarce Sea Lions hunt individually. Last but not least, You should know what a Sea Lions predators are. A Sea Lions predators are mainly Humans, sharks and killer whales. Sea Lions are also being killed because they are used as a source of food in some parts of the earth. So clearly sea lions love to eat.

Why Are Sea Lions Edengered?

Sadly Sea Lion populations have gone down and there are only 15,291 left in the world and trust me that's not a lot. First, Sea Lions are almost extinct because some dogs carry diseases that spread to Sea Lions. The main disease is called Leptospirosis, Leptospirosis is a disease that affects a Sea Lions kidneys. Secondly, Sea Lions are being legally hunted by people. People legally hunt sea lions, and because of that there are only 15,291 left on Earth. Last but not least, littering affects Sea Lions. People litter in the ocean or it blows out of a trash can. Also fishing lines, nets, plastic derbs and laurs can catch Sea Lions. Clearly with so many reasons we can see that something needs to be done to help save the Sea Lions.

How do we help save sea lions?

Sea Lions need help to get off the endangered list. First, you should stop using so much plastic and start using more reusable things. You should always use cotton shopping bags, or you need to reuse the plastic shopping bags you get from the grocery store. But always remember to use less plastic. Secondly, you should always reduce the toxins you use in your lawn or garden. Remember to use less toxins in your lawns and gardens this may make a big difference to the Sea Lions. Lastly, you can always help Sea Lions by volunteering or donating. Volunteer to help save the Sea Lions or you can donate to WWF of some other website that helps to save Sea Lions. Now I hope that you understand some of the ways that you can help save Sea Lions.


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