Nature at FLMNH Story by aubrey shaw

Nature on display

The design of the museum was very appealing because it shows findings and then shows how and why they found them. After entering the butterfly exhibit, we walked past scientists that were pinning dead butterflies to frames to put up like the ones pictured. instead of just showing you the findings, they explain the background of them and their finding. something that i would not have learned through any other medium was probably the current frog exhibit because they made many species of living frogs available with descriptions of them and their geographical regions. The most enjoyable part of the museum for me was how visual and interactive everything is. Instead of just hearing about something, they allow you to see and feel the exhibit which is very conducive for learning.

Nature on display

Nature and Ethics

The museum presents many opportunities to connect with nature the way Leopold recommends. I included this picture because it includes a part of the native American exhibit with a young boy sitting under it. instead of cutting it down for his own gain, him and his family are existing with the tree and connecting to nature. these nature based exhibits made me truly feel as if I was really truly one with it especially because they outline just how old many of the the things around us have been around. It truly made me feel connected to nature as Leopold intended.

Nature and the human spirit

The museum helps us get away from our everyday lives because we are exposed to so many things and so many time periods that we would normally never see on an average day. By taking time to "connect to our eternal" and grow by learning new aspects of natural history, we can immerse ourselves in different cultures and species while discovering who we are and further connecting with the mystery that is the natural world. Many time, we get stuck living in the present but when we look back into the natural past, we can learn many lessons that will help us grow and can even give us a an interest onto something that we would not have been aware of previously. I appreciated my visit to the Natural history museum for it reminded me of so many aspects of not only our culture but also our advancement scientifically and how far we've come as a species.

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