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A short 2 minute video on mining. It tells you about how mining affects us in a fun way for us to continuously remember that mining products are all around us.

Little Bit of History On This Mystery

Mining is a very important industry that is available to everyone around the world. Mining is the process of removing various metals and minerals from our vast land. This type of industry is a primary industry which means this is the first stage of production with these minerals and metals. The first stage is where workers take out the valuable and precious minerals or metals found underneath the ground. Miners usually extract metallic minerals such as gold, copper and nickel. Some non-metallic materials that are removed by the miners are coal, oil and salt. Mining has always played a major role in the industrialization of the all of the countries. And it continues to constantly help us because without it many of the things that are available to us won't be with us. Without all the technologies we use on a daily basis many people will lose more than just the product. Minerals and metals are the building blocks of a more sustainable life in all the past eras and this is no difference.

This is a Tar mine located in Alberta, Canada

Location of Our Mining Nation

Mining reservoirs can take be located in many different places across Canada. This is because there isn't only one specific place where all the minerals and metals are found. If that was the case only that place would be able to gain money from trading and selling those minerals. While other locations would be at loss because of the loss of businesses and jobs people could have worked in. Meaning less money those people are earning, which won't be good when they have to take care of their sick family that need costly medical treatment. It is available in all provinces of Canada, but some provinces have more reservoirs than other provinces depending on how much minerals and metals are found there.Thus having mining reservoirs spread from the West Coast of Canada to the Eastern Coast is fair.

Ontario is the largest holder of valuable minerals and metals but it isn't the only province with minerals.

Since the mining locations are spread all around, this means that this primary mining industry is very large overall in Canada. There are many companies and businesses accompanying the mining industry helping them gain more workers. Many people want to be working so they can earn money to help sustain their own and their families life. With so many people working as miners allows this industry to become more larger and larger.

Stages Of Mining Ages

There are 4 stages of the mineral trade

  1. The very first stage is when the miners extract the ore which is a solid metals or minerals that is naturally found in the ground. They remove the ores out of the ground using various techniques and then pass the ores into the concentrating phase.
  2. This stage is where the workers make the ores more purer. This is the process of extracting the valuable minerals from an ore and refining the excess raw materials.
  3. In this stage necessary steps are taken in order to completely finish the semi-finished products. This is where they touch up their products and make sure it is good enough for selling to many different countries.
  4. This is the final step for trading. This is where the finished products come when done all the necessary steps and inspections. This is where they start shipping it to stores and different companies.

Aid Our Trade

Canada has become one of the largest mining nation and country thanks to it's vast land filled with lots of valuable minerals and metals. Yet Canada still has to depend on the international countries trade to support their economy growth. Without the rest of the countries to actually trade with Canada won't be able to earn money, even with all the important minerals and metals. If there aren't any other nations to trade with the mining industry would be lost and many workers would become jobless. But right now Canada has a stable trading system.

United States - The U.S has been and will continue to be Canada's main trading partner. 50.2% of trading exports go to the United States. And 50.8% of our imports are from the U.S.

China - China is another one of Canada's trading partner but it isn't as important. Only 7.3% of our exports trade with China. And 91.2 % of our imports come from China.

European Union - 19.1% of our exports are shipped to the EU. And 8.2% of our imports are shipped from the EU.

We export about 4.4% of our mineral goods to Japan. 4.9% of our imports come from Mexico. And only 3.7% of our imports come from Peru.

All of Canada has access to minerals and metals, therefore mostly all of Canada participates in the trading system with different international trades. Ontario takes up about 46.9% of our mineral exports and 58.5% of our mineral imports. Quebec takes up approximately 20.4% of our total exports and 14.6% of the imports. These two provinces are the provinces with the highest mineral and metal found in their land.

This is a graph of the imports and exports of Canada's total mineral trade during the years 2003 and 2013.

Satisfaction of Extraction

There are two main ways minerals can be extracted from our Earth's surface.

  • Surface Mining- It is taking away the minerals that are near the top of the surface. Small dynamites are often used in this situation. Strip mining is another way to extract the minerals that sit at the surface.
  • Sub-surfacing Mining- This is to extract minerals found very deep underground. Miners would have to make long tunnels and fill them with explosives in order to blast away the underground area. This method makes it easier for the workers to take away the metals and minerals most needed. Another way is to inject hot liquid into the ore of the deep pit to dissolve it and pump it to the top of the surface for miners to reach and take it apart. Longwall mining is when you shear minerals away from the wall, this is the most effecientt way miners extract.

Conventional mining is a mining technique which involves workers drilling into the walls of the underground cavern and

Wage of the Mining Age

The mining industry creates jobs for many people which is good for those people wanting to start working and wanting to earn money. Miners gain a weekly pay of approximately $1559, and earn an annual yearly pay of about $10000. This salary is a lot higher than any other industry like agriculture or forestry.

Threat to the Mindset

Workers who work in the mining industry face a constant threat towards their health and daily lives whenever they start their work. Miners always put their lives on the line on a daily basis in order to complete their job. In 2001 the mining industry had been listed as the most dangerous job to work in. Miners work atleast 12 hours, if not more, underground everyday for 2 weeks, usually in a remote location. This means that the workers have to be in good health, and have a strong psychological strength. Which is really hard for a lot of people which is why many end up quitting because it puts a lot of stress on the mind. There is always a chance of death on site. They have to be careful of many problems such as underground flooding, which happens when you mine to deep underground near a large body of water. They have to be careful of gas explosions, chemical leakage, and electrocution. There are health risks that are more dangerous because its around you. Dust is a big one because when you are mining, dust is everywhere surrounding you. Drilling, digging and extracting minerals will increase the amount of dust in the air which means you will end up breathing it in along with other toxic chemicals. The buildup of of it will cause you to develop illnesses such as black lung cancer, and silicosis. Carrying heavy loads will end up with you having multiple injuries. It might be serious if you end up falling or slipping. Mining is a dangerous and difficult job. Any small accident can send someone to the emergency room.

"There's no question mining is a dangerous occupation but it doesn't have to be unsafe" - Joseph Sbaffoni

But there have been major improvements in the recent years towards this mining. There are many safety precautions established in this industry. There are ventilation systems cleaning out the air in some locations. This is really important because without the clean air they need, they will develop serious illnesses. Miners are given proper respirators and ear protectors that are mandatory to wear. The safety of the mining job is increasing and becoming more better for the miners themselves. This will help this industry gain more workers which will increase the money created in this workforce. And will help the growth of the economy.

Is It Fine To Mine?

Impact on the community

The mining industry forces people who live near the surrounding area to move out of their homes and the land that they live on because it would be used to build a mine reservoir. It is a serious health risk to the people around the surrounding area. It prevents people from providing their family with proper clean and fresh water, and even the food may get damaged. Also many people can end up with illnesses from the lack of clean sanitation. People could report them and those certain workers could end up being fired from their jobs. People aren't given an option on whether or not there should be a mine created in that area. As long as there are valuable minerals found in the area the companies will dig it up, which is not fair to the people. The large amounts of chemical, substances and toxins being released into the air that we breathe is a serious health risk. Since it would be polluted into the air, the wind could carry it into the next town or city and affect them as well even though they aren't near the mine fields. If we continue to breathe in the unhealthy air people will develop illnesses such as black lung disease, kidney disease, and Cardiopulmonary disease.

Group of people protesting against leaving their homes just because a mining company want to create a mining reservoir in their home land.

Is Harming It Worth It?

Effect On The Environment

Mining releases potential hazardous chemicals and substances into our air that we breath, the water that we drink, and the soil that we grow crops in. Everything in mining impacts the environment in a negative way. Minings definition itself is tearing the land in order to remove minerals and metals found in the deep ground. All that surrounds mining is harmful to nature, because workers only need the valuable materials in our vast land. Open pit mining is a commonly used technique that is when miners create a large open space by digging in the land and creating tunnels connecting to each other. Another name for this is long wall mining. This process is hazardous in every step of the way. Radioactive substances are exposed when rocks in the land are crushed. Toxic chemicals can leak into our land impacting our soil used to grow crops. If the rich soil that we need for agriculture growth gets damaged then we will run out of the food supply that we take advantage of, not knowing it could disappear very easily.

This is the open pit mine located in Ekatis, Northwest Territories

Underground mining can release harmful chemicals into the our air and water very quickly, negatively affecting all living things around it. All living things include animal habitats, wildlife, nature, the environment as a whole and people. All living things link up with one another. If the nature becomes damaged, animals won't know where to live, it would be hard for them to find food impacting their health and causing them to die. If the nature, crops and animals all die, us as humans won't know how to survive and in the end we will also begin to die and the population will decrease rapidly. There are also many risks such as major pollution and waste being thrown into water, our atmosphere and our land. This will drastically decrease the well being of our environment very quickly.

The Mission 2016 is a government proposal that enforces ruled on mining companies to use new and improved technology in order to reduce the damage being done to the environment. It is to start protecting the environment in any possible way. In order to bring back the healthy and thriving nature, before it got damaged repeatedly by humans.

Solution To Pollution

The coal mining industry is very destrctive and it doesn't have to be" - Kevin Richardson

Mining can become more sustainable by developing ways that can reduce the level of damage we do onto the environment. Various organizations such as the International Council on Mining and Metals, and the Mining Association of Canada, created many rules that mining companies have to follow. They are making guideline in order to help let the nature grow healthy without being harmed from the large amounts of pollution created by mining. They are trying to decrease the impact on the surrounding land and the environment.

If miners and the companies use underground water rather than the surface water, that will help reduce how much is being wasted. Between 1996 and 2005, this industry had managed to reduce its total water usage by 33%. By this, the water usage per dollar of producing a product was also reduced. But amount of minerals found and extracted were not decreased. The sales stayed that same which means decreasing the water intake won't lower the amount of money being made. Many mining companies are also trying to use renewable energy to run their machines. Instead of regular oil or fossil fuels because they know that they will soon disappear, and they don't want to lose their jobs. In order to decrease the amount of money spent of external energy sources, they want to use renewable energy because they know it won't be gone. They have started to look into buying solar panels, or using wind turbines to run their factories and possibly hydroelectricity.

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