SGC Newsletter Insights and Analysis on Tech Trends and Developments Vol. 113

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Article Highlights in This Newsletter - Drones and Robots: A Potential Solution to Social Distancing & Microsoft Office 365 Highlight

Drones and Robots: A Potential Solution to Social Distancing

COVID-19 has forced businesses and consumers alike to adhere to social distancing like never before. Tech companies around the world have had to expedite certain types of technology to aid in the relief effort. Drones and robots are not new to us, but their uses are becoming more ingenious every day.

Medical facilities are finding themselves overworked and understaffed. Telemedicine allows patients to see their doctors remotely when a physical checkup isn't necessary. For those who require an in-person visit, especially those who are quarantined and infected with the virus, remote-controlled robots can deliver medicine and supplies to patients without exposing the medical staff. Some robots are driven into a room and emit ultraviolet light to sterilize everything it touches, with no patients, nurses, or doctors in harm's way.

Outside of the medical field, autonomous vehicles are delivering essential items to people at home. Businesses are using robots in their warehouses to streamline their order fulfillment to meet the rising demand of goods purchased online. According to GPS World, drones can increase travel speeds by 50% over road transportation, so a lack of truck drivers doesn't delay delivery. Some are even cooking and serving food in restaurants while keeping staff away from customers.

Drones are used to monitor crowds, traffic, and other congestion in populated areas. Others are equipped with devices that can read body temperature to see if anyone may be running a fever, or if someone is wearing a mask or not. Knowing where the larger groups of people are means a drone can spray disinfectant in that vicinity before any potential pathogen spreads. A drone can have the ability to broadcast information to a larger area than a standard megaphone or loudspeaker.

While COVID-19 still looms over us all, human invention is proving to outsmart the virus. No one is certain how long we will rely on as little interaction as possible with each other, but knowing we have alternatives to carry on with daily life can provide a small comfort in this troubling time.

Microsoft Office 365 Highlight

Businesses today operate on teamwork. Microsoft Office 365 can provide many apps and programs to help your business run smoothly and effectively, using the same Office programs you're used to, such as Outlook, Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.

Microsoft Office 365 allows you to install these programs on multiple devices, including phones and tablets, and access your data from anywhere using OneDrive cloud storage. The apps stay up-to-date automatically behind the scenes, so there's no worrying about what version you're employees are using and if it's become vulnerable to cyberattacks. If a device is lost or stolen, you can wipe it remotely so that no sensitive data is compromised.

Keep your email, calendar, and contacts synced between devices in real-time. Use Microsoft Planner to keep track of what other employees are doing. Need to call a meeting? Microsoft Teams allows you to use either chat, voice, or video between two or more people. Share files during the conference call or work on them together. No more sending files back and forth, wondering if you're working on the latest version.

Build your own apps without the need for coding, using PowerApps, such as a program where employees can log their sick or vacation time requests. Automate tedious tasks using PowerAutomate to improve time usage and workflow. Sharepoint also provides a central hub from which to work using your intranet. Post news, documents, calendar events, surveys, and more to keep your staff informed.

All of the Microsoft 365 suites come protected with Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection, which prevents and detects intrusions while automating the reporting process. The Microsoft Cloud App Security program also detects unusual activity with your data files and highlights high-risk areas that may need attention.

There are multiple versions of Microsoft 365 for different kinds of companies that offer some or all of the features above. Let us help you choose the one that's right for you and enjoy the benefits of keeping your business productive and flowing smoothly.

To learn more about our services, call us at +1(508) 444-0424 or visit our website at www.sgcomputersonline.com


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