The Island of Eternal Unrest Danielle mclaughlin

The first time you went to Manhattan, what was the first thing you noticed?

"The first thing that I remember were all of the bright lights and billboards in Times Square, it struck me how it was as bright as daytime even though it was 8 PM."
"The pollution. I remember everything smelling awful."

What do you think of New York City aesthetically?

"Architecturally, the juxtaposition is astounding. One minute you're walking on cobblestone streets that have been there for centuries, and the next you're surrounded by new, gleaming skyscrapers that just popped up out of nowhere last week."
"I think of it as this big conglomerate of commerce, people, and capitalism... it's this big representation of what it is to be American and to be in this kind of busting, global society."

How would you describe the people in Manhattan?

"Some are particularly rude, but in general most are benign. They're very diverse people who live fast-paced lives."
"Resilient, tough, and they don't take no for an answer."

In your experience, are certain foods such as pizza, bagels, and pretzels different in Manhattan than other places in the country?

"I don't think it can even be limited to the stereotypical foods of the city like pizza and pretzels... no matter the restaurant or the cuisine, there's something magical about dining in New York that just makes the food better."

"They're definitely different, you can't really find them that way anywhere else."

How do stereotypical representations of the city (as seen in movies and TV shows) compare to your own experience? Are these representations accurate?

“The only thing that’s different is people are depicted as living in big apartments and working half the week, which is totally not the case in real life. In reality, people are working 90 hours a week to live in coat closets.”
"I think there's been a million and one movies and shows based in Manhattan that it has to be a pretty cohesive picture at this point... They must have touched on something that's actually accurate just by sheer volume because it's been a primary focus of so much media from all different sources."


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