Topic 4 Study Guide

1. At top speed, an ostrich can run 3,600 feet in 3 minutes. How many feet can it run in 1 minute? C.1,200 feet

2. Which phrase best describes the quotient of 5,217 ÷ 51? A. a little more than 100

3. A music store has 5,720 CDs in stock. There are 8 large display cases in the store. If each display case holds the same number of CDs, about how many CDs can go on each display case? C. 700 CDs

4. Six friends are going to share a $552 prize. What represents the most reasonable amount for each person to get? A.$92 because 552 ÷ 6

5. A bus travels 2,000 miles in 50 hours, going the same distance each hour. How many miles does the bus travel each hour? A. 40 miles

6. There are 160 baseball cards that go into 5 album pages. Which represents the most reasonable number of cards to go in each album page? C. 42 because 160 ÷ 5 is about 200 ÷ 5 = 40

7. If the base ten blocks shown are to be divided into 8 equal groups, what should be done first? D. Exchange 1 hundred flat for 10 rods.

8. If the base ten blocks shown are to be divided into 5 equal groups, what should be done first? A. Exchange the hundred flat for 100 unit cubes.

9. If the money shown is to be divided among 6 people, what should be the first step? Exchange three $10 bills for thirty $1 bills.

10. If a 67-inch piece of rope is divided into 8 equal pieces, how much rope is left over? B. 3 inches

11. A field is being divided into 5-acre lots for houses. If there are a total of 910 acres, how many lots can be created? C. 182

12. Jasilynn is buying a $196 bicycle. She is paying for the bicycle in 4 equal payments. Which represents the most reasonable amount for each payment to be? D. $49 because 196 ÷ 4 is about $200 ÷ 4 = 50

13. Elaina runs the same number of miles each week. After 18 weeks, she figured that she had run a total of 360 miles. Which of the following can be used to find m, the number of miles Elaina runs each week? C.360 ÷ 18 = m

14. Seven classes from a school in Kentucky collected a total of 2,436 pounds of paper to recycle. If each class collected the same amount, how much did each class collect? A. 348 pounds

15. Kevin is putting 525 pokemon cards into 5 boxes. If each box is to have the same number of pokemon cards, how many pokemon cards will be in each box? A. 105 cards

16. A type of bird called the Western Red-footed Kestrel migrates from eastern Europe to southern Africa. One bird flew 1,463 miles in 7 days. If the bird flew the same distance each day, how many miles did the bird fly each day? D. 209 miles

17. Last spring, 14 students volunteered a total of 182 hours for community projects. Each student volunteered the same number of hours. Which of the following can be used to finds, the number of hours each student volunteered? A. 182 ÷ 14 = s

There are 114 people in a marching band. They march in 8 rows with the same number of people in each row. Which of the following can be used to find n, the number of people who march in each row? D. 114 ÷ 8 = n

19. Samantha earned $2,800 at her uncle’s diner. If she worked for 70 days and earned the same amount of money each day, how much did she earn per day? B. $40

20. A manufacturing plant produced 648 parts in 6 hours. If the plant produced an equal number of parts each hour, how many parts did it produce in 1 hour? B. 108 parts


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