Technology Education Creating More success for kids

Something magical happens when a teacher puts a tech device in a classroom or even in front of a child. By putting technology in schools and classrooms, the teacher can create unique opportunities for not only personal learning at different levels, but also using tech in schools can help children learn better as well. This can also help kids/teens enjoy school more. Lessons become more valuable when kids are able to learn through the power of touch, motion and sound. By using technology in school, this can help kids love to learn.

“The most powerful tools for learning, are the ones students love to use.”

The MacBook Air is a great example of how technology helps education. Using a laptop in class can help a kid of any age learn in ways they never did before. Using technology can help get work done faster and using it can make work easier for kids too. This is because when kids have to hand write an essay or notes not only do their hands get tired, but they interpret the information differently. In addition, using macs help kids discover a new way of learning and helps their creativity in school build. In fact there are over 170,000 apps designed specifically for education. Kids are able to use the camera and microphone to take photos and record sound effects to personalize flashcards for more memorable study. This is all brought to kids by Apple

“The projects and the activities that the kids are willing to do on an iPad just become more meaningful and powerful. I’m amazed at what the kids are doing now that they weren’t able to do before.” -Jeanne Halderson, Middle School Teacher Longfellow Middle School, La Crosse, Wisconsin

Using technology in schools also can help other people enroll in education. Many teensagers/young adults cannot go to college or go to school for many different reasons. By having a technology device this can help people of all ages go to school online. People can also learn by downloading learning and education apps.

Photo of a girl using an iPad for learning-

Some other reasons why using technology in classrooms is beneficial is because students get their work done more efficiently, it's neater and work gets in on time and faster. One example of technology in school is Google Classroom. Google Classroom is “ is a blended learning platform for schools that aims to simplify creating, distributing and grading assignments in a paperless way.” This is helpful for students because this allows them to write their essay, project etc; on google drive. Then, after they finish writing or doing their project etc; they can easily hand it in through google classroom to the teacher. This helps students because they do not have to worry about printing out their work and handing it in to the teacher on the day it’s due. Instead they can hand in their work once their completely finish and don’t have to worry about printing it out or losing it etc; This is also helpful for the teachers because they don’t have to worry about losing papers and other reasons. This is another reason why using technology can help kids in school.

Students using a smart board to teach math.

Having technology in schools around the world can benefit a child's education. Having Tech devices in school reduces a child’s stress and helps them learn in ways they have never never learned before. Having technology provides valuable learning and develops learning skills for every kid.

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