Tool: Lead Sinker

The tool I chose was a lead sinker. Lead sinkers are made of lead and rope. It was introduced by the English. As shown above the sinker looks a lot like a bell attached to a rope. They are used to measure how deep the water. What you do is you plummet the sinker into the water and slowly bring it down until you feel the botttom of the floor, after that you take it out and measure how far down the water is. The device is used to make sure that a boat does not capsize or hit the floor of the ocean. Newer models of the same device are still used today for the same reason.

Outdoor Exibit: the boats

I chose the boats to write about because it was the exhibit that I felt was the most interesting and the place where I learned the most. The purpose of the three boats were to carry passengers coming to Jamestown and to carry tons of cargo ( food, supplies, etc.). The voyage took over 100 days and they took stops at the Canary Islands and the carribian. One of the many things things I found interesting was that the passengers that were not working on the boat were stuck below the water. Another thing was that they had pets on the boat which I found a little pointless because it would be another thing to take care of.

Comerse and Business: The black smith

The shop is a larger shop than the other shops and the people are very nice. I come here a lot because I am George Whythe's slave/cook and I come here a lot to buy cooking supplies and other things for Master Whythe. The shop is not as warm as you would think a place filled with fire to be but it is still warm and it smells a lot like fire. There are many things to buy some of them being rakes, tongs, spoons, knives, and much more. You order/buy things from the blacksmith by going up and asking for something to be made, unlike other shops there are no shelves to pick things up and just buy them (you actually have to interact with the people).

House: George Whythe's house

My master, George with owns a large house, and it's very fancy. I spend most of my time in the kitchen in my little hut because after all I am The Masters cook. I make all his meals there over a small fire. My favoring part of the house is the office/bedroom because it is well decorated and it corresponds to the fancy theme.


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