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Audi Q7


The brand of this car is Audi. Audi is a luxury brands that is famous all over the globe. Audi focuses on innovation to design their cars. Audi cars are an example of modern technology and new ideas.

The car is approximately 1733mm in height, 5086mm in length and 2177 in width. The Audi Q7 comes in a variety of different colours including: Graphite grey, metallic silver, black, metallic brown and white.

In this car, you will experience ample room and comfort, as the Q7 adds agility. It earned a 2017 10Best car award. The base engine is a 252-hp 2.0-liter turbo four; and a 333-hp 3.0-liter supercharged V-6 is optional. Both engines pair with an eight-speed automatic and all-wheel drive; available four-wheel steering and an air suspension help the Q7 remain composed. All of these elements contribute to the popularity in the market. The high-quality interior features the latest in-car entertainment, including the optional Virtual Cockpit, in a 12.3-inch driver-facing set-up.

Audi Q7


What were the key factors that affected your choice to buy this product?

Reviews - When it comes to reviews on the Audi Q7, many people say that it is a very efficient and luxurious SUV that has both on road and off road comfort. One of the reviews are as follows:

"Jump inside and it becomes obvious why Audi does so well in this segment. The Q7 has perhaps the best interior of any car in its class. The cabin ambience is top notch and every control or switchgear that you interact with feels well put together. Even in this base spec with very few options, our Q7 felt better to be inside than its European rivals" - Read full review at:

As many websites have similar information about how this car is lighter, more fuel efficient and spacious. I believe that this information is reliable. If different reviews on different websites had clashing information, I may have not chosen this good, as the results would not have been as consistent.

Competing products - As there are many other SUV in the market, it is very important to compare with the market. Recently, the Audi Q7 has been compared with the BMW xDrive35i, Range Rover Sport HSE and Volvo XC9 T6.

Audi didn’t sell an SUV until 2006, but the Q7 made up for it with its new technological advances and features. In the intervening years, updates kept the Q7 fresh and sales strong. The new Q7 is so new that it skips model-year 2016 entirely to jump right to 2017. The Audi’s price starts at $55,750, which is in line with the rest of the group in terms of price. Many of the features in the competing cars are similar, but it is argued that the Q7 is more technologically advanced.

Comparing the product to other goods in a similar range, but from different brands is very important when buying a durable good. Seeing the information above lets the consumer know that what they are purchasing is popular for its features and advanced technology. This affected my choice because I wanted to make sure I was buying the best product for my money.

Marketing - The biggest multi-channel marketing project undertaken by Audi for the launch of a new model is proving its worldwide appeal, with 110,000 prospects now registered on the company’s online portal, “Q7 Globe”. This ‘virtual world’ of the new Q7 SUV features a film showing images of test trials of the camouflaged Audi Q7 in the desert; designers explaining the styling of the future Audi SUV; photos and film clips of the Q7 as downloads; exclusive information about the technology, and even a global competition.

As the Q7 has been advertised as such a technologically advanced good, a consumer would expect to find this in their new car. Looking at what the brand is portraying their good as is very important. This factor affected my decision because I wanted to know what I should expect from the good I am purchasing.

Environmental considerations - The last few years have seen the plug-in hybrid become increasingly popular. Thanks to their ability to run on electric power for extended periods of time, they offer low CO2 emissions that result in cheap company car tax and official average fuel consumption.

Audi already offers the A3 e-tron plug-in hybrid, and with this new Audi Q7 e-tron, it has extended the range to include a large SUV as well. This pairs a high-efficiency version of the normal Q7’s 3.0-litre diesel with a battery pack that can continue the car running for an extra 50-60 km. As the Audi Q7 e-tron is electric, it does not affect the environment as much as a petrol-run car would.

When purchasing this car, it was very important to look at the environmental impact it could have. However, as there is an electric alternative, there would not be as much impact on the environment, which is a very positive trait of the car.

Audi Q7


When buying my good, I would go to Audi Alto Pennant Hills. The address of this store is: 320 Pennant Hills Road, Pennant Hills NSW 2120. I would go to this store as it is closest to where I live, making it more convenient to go to, rather than driving to the City for example. However, if another store was offering a better price for the same model, I may go to that store to get a better deal.

Audi Q7


Car finance (loans etc.) - In order to pay for a car, you are able to take out a loan from the bank. Whether this is a personal loan or a car loan from your dealership, they are offering a similar service. It means that if you do not have the whole amount of money at one time, you are able to pay of the cost in installments at a rate. There are a variety of loans that are available to a consumer when purchasing such an expensive good. Some loans even allow you to change the rate if you have more money, so you can pay it off more quickly. The positives of this method of payment are that you can still purchase the good if you do not have the money. However, a downside to loans is that if you do not have an income that the bank think you will be able to pay of your loan with, they may not give you one. This means that you might not be able to get the car in the end.

Credit card - Using a credit card to buy a car may seem like a convenient option, but do your research before you go ahead with this payment method. The last thing you want is for your $30,000 new car purchase quickly turning into an even more significant commitment. It is important to be sure that you fully understand the terms and conditions of your card including its interest rates, limit, and any associated surcharges before making any such purchase. Car dealers pay a merchant surcharge when their customers use a credit card as the method of payment and this can range anywhere between 1-3%. In most cases this surcharge is passed directly on to you. Typically, using a credit card to buy a car would not be advised with the above alternative methods representing better options. The only instance in which it may be considered favourable is for the purchase of a used car of very low value. In fact, in such cases a credit card may be your only option.

If I were to buy this car, I would take out a personal loan. As I do not have the money straight up, this is a suitable option for me as I can pay of the amount in installments. This means that every month a pay a rate and after a certain amount of time the car will be paid off.

Audi Q7


If something were to happen to your new car, after you have purchased it and driven away. You would have to follow the steps below in order to get an exchange, refund or store credit.

First, you should contact the store from which you bought the car. So in this case it would be Pennant Hills Audi. In the law it states that goods must be of merchantable quality (that is fit for sale), fit for purpose and must meet their specifications that are stated on labels or manuals. So, if you believe that your good is not of these standards, that you take is back to the dealerships and lodge a complain. If they assess the vehicle and claim it to be "of suitable standard" or "fit for its purpose", but you disagree with these statements, you are able to take your complaint to the next authority.

The next step would be to ring the office of fair-trading to seek advice. From they will have an informal conversation with you about your problem. They can then address this problem and help you figure out the best option of where to take your problem.

Depending on what the office of fair-trade suggests, you might lodge a formal complaint or ask the office to mediate on your behalf. Some documents might be needed to support as evidence. From there, they will speak to the dealership or manufacturer on your behalf and will try to reach a solution.

If you are still not satisfied with the result, you may lodge a formal claim with the New South Wales Civil and administrative tribunal (NCAT). A hearing will then take place, where you, the person bought from, and tribunal arbitrate are all present. The Tribunal then make a decision about what is going to happen and it is blinded by law.

Hopefully by this stage, you are satisfied with the outcome of your endeavour. By speaking to the store you bought it from, talking to the office of fair trade or lodging a claim with the NCAT, you should be able to find a solution to the problem you are facing with the car.


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