Exiled From Home The recent Immigration Ban And it's Affects

A young child sits alone as he waits for his parents to go through deportation customs. He is only four and knows he may never see his mother or father again. As he says his final goodbye, he is taken into a car and driven to a care center. This is one of the many situations that occur constantly due to present immigration bans. Since the 1930’s, immigrants from all over the world have transitioned themselves into the United States for a better living. Today, most immigrants are prohibited from entering the U.S. due to current dangers outside of the country, which contributes to the compelling problem. The issue is, immigrants are being deported or not let into the country. Families are forced to separate from one another even Children from parents. Legal immigrants who’ve traveled outside of the country are not being allowed back in. These are some of the many reasons why the immigration ban is not fit for the country.


Recently, immigrants living in or traveling into the U.S. have been deported back to their original countries due to the present immigration ban. The immigration ban prohibits illegal immigrants from staying in the country, but has also affected a minority of legal immigrants. Even those who acquire existing visas or green cards and have departed from the country for a temporary period have been held back from entering the country. CNN states “travelers who fit the bans criteria and were already in the air headed for the United States on Friday afternoon when president Trump signed the executive order that stopped and detained upon all arrivals at U.S. airports.” This shows the ban is unfair to not only immigrants traveling into the country but also to U.S. citizens that are being held back as well. The immigration ban has not only affected traveling, but immigrants and their families. It has brought a negative spread of chaos and confusion within the United States, and it has left families separated and legal immigrants traveling, left outside of the country. The immigration ban is not ideal and is not fair to the immigrants suffering from it.


It is sad to leave your family for a couple of days or maybe a week, but a lifetime is a bit of a stretch. Immigrant families all over the country are being forced to separate from one another due to the immigration ban and the enforcements. The ban focuses on the undocumented immigrants and causes them to be deported back to their original countries, which is a critical problem when the rest of their families may be legal citizens. This is more than a violation, separating families can lead family members to never seeing each other again. The increasing amount of deportations has risen from 190,000 to 400,000 immigrants leaving the country. This means more families and communities are being separated. Unfortunately, having citizen children is little if not any in the process of deportation. The consequence of an individual being deported affects communities and other families as well. It then leaves the everlasting fear of their mothers, fathers, and siblings leaving them one day for eternity. Expert Joanna Dreby from the center of American Progress says “It is unhealthy for children to have to constantly worry about being separated from their families at any moment's notice.” With the present immigration ban immigrants families and communities have to remain hopeful and stay aware of the consequences that come from out.


The violating attempt to keep immigrants out of the country has been handled negatively from the start. Since the beginning, congress and most court officials have not approved of the immigration ban, and neither has the majority of the country. It is stereotypical to those countries in which president Trump says are prone to terrorism throughout the recent history to the United States. The ban focuses on the 6 major Muslim countries (Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Yemen, Somalia) and Mexico. The ban has also violated the purpose of owning a visa or green card because those immigrants who acquire these items and are out of the country are not being allowed back in. President Trump was later on divulged by the human rights organizations and advocacy groups for instituting a policy that contrasts off of U.S. values and as an overall the view towards the United States as a free country. Since the sign of the ban, the outcomes have only been conspicuous as negative, the ban is an over stereotype and is discriminatory to those immigrants who travel outside of the country and are allowed back in, the families being separated, and to the minority of legal immigrants that are still facing risks of deportation.

What’s Next?

Since the 1930’s immigrants have been transitioning into the United States for a better living. To this day the U.S. is considered a home to most immigrants, but with immigration bans and enforcements it no longer can be. It is unfair to take away the homes from many, some who are considered indigenous. “Taking home away from the millions of people (immigrants) is like taking away a part of the population in the United States.” says expert Joanna Dreby. The national courts have protested against the act calling it unconstitutional and a violation of rights. It is unclear how the act will be taken, but with current protest and national criticism the ban has the potential of being removed.


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