How gender stereotypes affect different sports. By: Carrighan DallE

Ever hear someone say "you throw like a girl" or "you run like a girl"? Well why is everything based on the saying "like a girl"?

  • As you can see the saying "like a girl" hurts a lot of girls , and affects their view and performance on the sports they do.
  • The videos which i showed represent the stereotypes put on women by not only men but people in general, including women themselves. AS you can see one of the most common stereotypes are throwing like a girl, and also running like a girl.
  • Throwing like a girl and running like a girl are analogies.
  • Like i said before, this not only affects women's view on the sports they participate in, it lowers their self confidence by generalizing them as a portion of the population that is "not good enough" or inadequate to others. Its like somehow they aren't people too.
  • Somehow, someway women are a different breed.
  • Like they aren't as strong, as brave, or as courageous as anyone else in this world.
  • The two sayings shown in the video degrade women. Not only that but it causes them to feel inferior to others.

From the beginning of a little girl playing peewee sports all the way to a young adult playing at a professional level, women are always stereotyped by society. Examples could be the strength, endurance, appearance, ability, performance, etc.

As showed in those videos these women are viewed as the weaker sex and they are valued more on the physical appearance of the body and less on their actual performance.

These stereotypes come from the traditional gender roles that have been created by today’s society. These stereotypes occur in many different ways, across a wide variety of sports.

Between being valued on physical appearance of body, and less on performance, gender stereotypes clearly exist in sports. Anyone could spend days searching and not find half of the stereotypes attached to women's sports. These many stereotypes are likely due to the traditional gender norms of our society.

Two sports I could really connect to this topic is football and lacrosse

First off one of the more obvious stereotypes is found in football, cheer leading.

It puts women on the sidelines and the very essence of cheer leading is to cheer for the football team and look physically appealing to the fans. *1

Men in this game are judged on their ability on their performance in a game or at practice.

Where for the women they are judge based on their looks for example; their makeup, their hair, and also their uniforms. *2

Beside that women do play the actual game of football with the men, but they also decided to make their own game of it called lingerie football. *3

I mean don't get me wrong i bet fans do watch the different teams play, however id say its pretty safe to say that it is more about watching women run around in lingerie, than the actual game. *4

The other topic I am going to talk about is lacrosse.

The game it self may seem the same, but is actually the same?

The answer to that would be no although it may seem the same from watching it and the idea may be the same and here is why its not.

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