Digits of Pi discovered over years by: Yair

Data - Digits of Pi discovered over time


Calculations for the 3 lines

Line 1

M = Δy / Δx

M = 15/191

N = -mx+y

N = -15/191x+y (24,17)

N = 15.1

Y = -15/191x+15.1

Line 2

M = Δy / Δx

M = 49/82

N = -mx+y

N = -49/82x+y (230,38)

N = -99.4

Line 3

M = Δy / Δx

M = 15/2

N = -mx+y

N = -15/2x+y (424,152)

N =-3028

Best Fit Curve

The graph with the data and the best fit curve

The curve itself is a polominal in the 10th degree. Since I started experementing with the different types of curve such as the exponantional and fractional ((a/xb)-c). Since they both have a curve which doesn't fit the data. Then, using Mr. Ferguson help, I found out the best line which have a moderated curve but slightly increasing until 450 in x axis. I ended up with this equation, y=0.000000000000000000000001x^10+0.0000000000000000000001x^9.

I used the 10th degree to make the moderation of the curve and the 9th degree to adjustify it.

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