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Emily Dickinson was born October 10, 1830. She had 2 siblings, Emily being the middle child. Emily was a very smart women she reveled in science and loved to learn new things. Emily went to Amherst Academy, along with her sister, were it was said Emily loved that school entirely. After her years at Amherst she moved to a new school, for only one year Mount Holyoke, which she suggested threw letter that she had great distaste for the school. It is unclear why she spent only one year there, and if this place caused her to live her life the way she did in her later years. She mainly lived her life in isolation and had very little contact. However, the small amount of contact with people that she did have, heavy influenced her poetry. One man Reverend Charles Wadsworth effected her most of anyone. He was described to be her "closest earthly friend" but was never made official whether it was a romantic relationship or not. Because of these life experiences she was about the right poetry the way she did, and she is held to the title, the best american poet.


Emily Dickinson is one of the most renowned poets of the world. She has written over 1800 poems in her lifetime and she died when she was only 55. She wrote about a variety of things, from life and death to love and hate to flowers and nature and even about her dog. Emily Dickinson wrote, literally about anything she had deep emotion for. She did it in such a profound style that many people when they found her poetry went crazy over. She had a few poems published while she still lived, but most of her poetry was not found until after she died. This is only for the fact that she spent most of her time in seclusion. She found power in being alone, but the little amount of contact that she had with the outside world influenced her poetry, so needless to say she had a very select group of people. Some describe her poetry as dark, poetry that makes you think, this could be due to her belief system. She did not believe in god, and she loved science, but she saw the world in a twisted way, like a puzzle, that connects in different ways to make multiple pictures.


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