Maze Runner: Scorch Trials James dashner

James Dashner's Maze Runner: Scorched Trials is the second book of the five book series Maze Runner. The Gladers at the start of the book all wake up in their rooms all confused at where they are. People called Cranks are outside yelling creating even more confusion for the Gladers. As they are running through the halls to investigate their are dead bodies hanging from the ceiling. After they get to Teresa's room she has vanished and there is a random guy in her room named Aris. After this incident they talk it out with Aris at breakfast when a random man appears and he is apart of WICKED; an organization that tested on the boys in the original Maze Runner, the WICKED employee talks to them and tells them that soon they would be put into trials where they have to go through the Scorch which is a flat stretch of desert with runes and things that one does not want to encounter.
Personally i thought that Maze Runner: Scorched Trials was one of the best books from the Maze Runner series although i think the ending could have used a little more detail it was an all around great book.When they had to survive through the lightning storm he put immense detail into that chapter and gave the reader an image in their mind just like you were living in there shoes watching them. When someone dies or gets hurt its changed the readers emotions because of the detail put into the sentences. If i had to recommend this book to anybody it would be Justice Zabel. He enjoys reading high suspense action books. If i had to determine whether this book or another Maze Runner book was better i would choose this one with no doubt.

“The betrayal meant he couldn't trust her anymore, and his heart told him he couldn't forgive her.”

-James Dashner


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