5A14 The White House BY: Abbey Mrs.daniher 2-23-17

The family theater room was a coat room at first and it was built in 1902. The first movie to be seen in the theater was The Birth of Nation which was screened in 1915. After 9/11 George Bush watched more war movie such as Black Hawk Down which he watched in 1993. In 2006 Bush watched United 93 and that was about the 9/11 attack. In 2009 the first lady Michelle Obama hosted a movie.

The Kennedy Garden is one of my favorite places in the white house. It is really pretty. It has many different types of flowers and they have water fountains and they also have benches. It is located in the residence ground. the use for site seeing and it could be used for parties.

My second favorite room is the basketball court. It is located in the south lawn. An interesting fact is that some wounded warriors got to play basketball in their wheelchairs and they got to meet president Obama. There are basketball hoops and fence that goes around it.

My third favorite room is the china room. It is located in on the residence ground. The china room holds china . It has plates,silverware,and cups.

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