Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art A Spark Story by Stefie Pishock

Medium of the Art/ Technique of the Artist

Funeral by Stuart Robert Purser

Upon viewing this painting, I became overwhelmed by the colors and techniques the painter used to display symbolism. The painting depicts people of color lowering a coffin into the ground while others watch them do so. Purser's inspiration for this painting came from observing racial inequality between white and black people in his hometown. Funeral was painted to show respect and connection through universal suffering (death). Purser displays his motives by using solemn color tones to create a more dreary mood symbolizing inequality that the people in the painting face. He also uses perspective through making it look as if he is looking at the event from the outside. This shows that Purser recognizes that he will never fully understand what people of color go through, but that he respects them and is an ally.

Design of the Museum

This print Tiergarten, Berlin, July 1 was displayed in the hall

My favorite part of the museum was the giant display hall located at the front of the museum. It was very open, bright and spacious. I found it appealing because the majority of the art could be seen from the moment that you entered the hall, which made it easy to navigate around the room and see each individual piece of art. It was very quiet in the hall which was refreshing since most places I go to on a daily basis are rather loud. I would like to visit this part of the museum at night time because the windows would allow the stars and moon to illuminate the hall in a more intimate and different way.

Art and Core Values

This print Untitled, from the Kitchen Table series, 1990/2010 shows a mother and daughter sharing an intimate moment at the kitchen table applying makeup. It represents the mother and daughter's relationship and the mother's reliance on herself to take care of her child and be a role model for her despite the things she has gone through in her life. This print speaks to my core value of maintaining valuable relationships. It reminds me of the relationship my mother and I have; a struggling mother trying to raise a child despite possibly having shortcomings in life. Looking at this photo makes me feel reminiscent of childhood and it makes me remember and appreciate the relationships I have in my life.

Art and the Good Life

The first photo displays a mother looking over her child. This represents the reality she faces everyday being a mother. The second photo shows a close-up of the model house on the desk perhaps representing the mother's longing to be a architect or designer. This represents the theme of seeking the Good Life because although the mother loves her child, she still seeks to be fulfilled in other ways through a different career and life path. This adds to my appreciation of seeking the Good Life because it shows that one can not always seek the Good Life immediately due to other responsibilities. It makes me upset that the woman in the photos in not completely fulfilled, but it just goes to show that one can not always achieve the Good Life right away, it can take some time.

Image cited: Jonathan Borofsky. Harn Museum of Art Entrance. 2000s. Gainesville, Florida. Accessed March 13, 2017.

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