The Beauty of Fire By Hayley Kennedy

I chose fire as my topic because I wanted to prove that with art, one could surface hidden beauty. While it differs from most photographic work with fire that has been done in the past, a few artists, Rob Prideaux and Benjamin Won Wong, had the same idea as me and gave me great inspiration for my book. Rather than photographing firefighters coming in and out of buildings, Rob Prideaux focused solely on the organic forms, and abstractions that fire creates.

Rob Prideaux, "Smoke and Fire"

Benjamin Von Wong took this a step further by manipulating fire in a realistic, yet surreal way. Although their images differ quite a bit, they both shared the concept to capture fire with as much control as it would allow.

Benjamin Von Wong, 'Fine Arts Meets Fire'

Spark A Flame

Destruction with fire

To capture my images, I utilized a variation of slow and fast shutter speeds. With a fast shutter speed the camera is able to capture a still flame, and with the slower shutter speeds I was able to focus on the object burning while the flame flowed with movement. This allowed me to create a wide variety of images that show the elements of fire in a unique way. I also had a fantastic team to help me build the fires in preparation for my shoots. Thank you to my dad, Tylor Kennedy, and boyfriend, Alex Gum.

The Flow of flame

Painting With Fire

The world of art is beautiful in a way that it enables artists, like myself, to create any artwork they desire. It allows for experiments, discovery, and most of all, beautiful journeys that sculpt me into a different person a little more each time. My book, “The Beauty of Fire” was made to show that with art anything is possible, and even the most dangerous elements can be presented in a way that showcases their pure beauty.

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