Independent time Hard at work

Kids are really becoming independent and know what to do and when. Whether kids are on the computers, in the book corner, or working at any of the tables in the room, they are capable of working quietly and productively.

Kayleigh's sister reads a special book to the class for her birthday.
Precious Poet Peyton shares some of her favorite sonnets.
Ranger Erin from the famous Hearst Castle in Crystal Cove, CA gives a wonderful tour of the inside. The indoor pool has over 3 million mosaic tiles and some are made of real gold... The fireplaces are 6ft tall....9000 lbs of fruit on the property is donated to food banks each year.
Author of the Katie Kazoo Switcheroo and Charlie Brown Class Clown series shares her advice on becoming an author. The kids got to learn about her routine, the editing process and where her ideas come from. The message we hear over and over from all of the author's we've Skyped is that you can publish a book at any age so you don't need to wait until you're an adult to share your passion.
Curator of Education for Wyoming State Park teaches the kids all of Wyoming's firsts. Fun facts: in 1869 Wyoming Territory was the first place to allow women's right to vote; 1870 was the first woman bailiff and first all woman jury; in 1872 the first national park opened: Yellowstone. 1925: the first woman governor Nellie Ross. The best fact however was that James Cash Penny, otherwise known as JC Penny, opened his first store in Kemmerer, WY in 1902. Today he has over 1,100 stores nationwide.
Viking Explorer Sarah Weldon talks to us of her upcoming journey around Great Britain to break the Guinness Book of World Records- THREE times!! She will travel alone all along the coast of Great Britain and spend time on islands meeting the locals. What a brave woman to venture out on this journey!

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