The Adventure of Lewis & Clark "the most famous partnership in history"

Meriwether Lewis: Meriwether Lewis (Born on August 18, 1778) was An soldier, politician, bUt he is well known as on of the captain in the Lewis and Clark Expedition.
william clark:William Clark ( Born on August 1, 1838) was an soldier, Indian agent, But is well known for his partnership with meriwether lewis, As captain in the lewis and clark expedition
charles floyd:Charles Floyd ( was born on 1782) was a United States explorer, a non commissioned officer in the Army, and a sergeant in the Lewis and Clark Expedition.
Sacagawea: sacagawea ( was born on may 1788 ) was a pregnant Lemhi Shoshone, woman who mainly helped the expedition, in translation and other important duty.
Nathaniel Pryor:Nathaniel Hale Pryor well know as a Sergeant in the Lewis and Clark Expedition. he joined the expedition on October 20, 1803, Lewis and Clark considered Natthaniel "a man of character and ability."
expedition accomplishments:lewis and clark mapped out a large portion of the united states, something most common people could not accomplish.
Expedition accomplishment: lewis and clark were able to establish trade with native americans, after how the white man have treated them.
expedition accomplishment: Lewis and clark where the first man to travel, across america, and back. they also discovered new species of plants and animals.
Transportation : lewis and clark traveled the mississippi river on 55-foot Keelboat.
arms: lewis and clark carried a "15 Prototype Model 1803 muzzle-loading .54-caliber rifles" also known as "Kentucky Rifles".
camping: lewis and clark took shelter on a "150 Yards of cloth to be oiled and sewn into tents" also know as a big tent.
Plant: Bear Grass
animal: American Raven
animal: Black-Billed Magpie
Hardship:winter months made it hard to find food ( most animals were hibernating)
hardship: plagued by mosquitoes, caused
Hardship: Lewis and clark had to face their greatest obstacle yet... crossing the Rocky Mountain.
  • March 15, 1803- Lewis left washington
  • June 10, 1803- Left philadelphia with 3800 lbs of supplies
  • August 31, 1803- Lewis departed pittsburgh and began his 981 miles trip down the ohio river
  • October, 14 1830- Lewis and Clark met in louisville kentucky,
  • October, 26 1803- Set off down the Ohio River on a journey Pacific Ocean and back.
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