On November 1 STACEY'S first mortgage payment IS DUE!

This is Stacey and her girls

Elisa, Sarah and Stacey

After two years of health battles, four jobs, an unexpected divorce and full-time school, this gutsy mom was finally on her feet again and bought her first home!

Stacey's New House
This is the house she bought

Almost ready for move in day! Just need one small update ...to replace the carpet with tile to keep her allergies in check ...

When the contractor pulled up the carpet,

he found found laminate; when he pulled up the laminate, he found vinyl. When he pulled up the vinyl, he found wood....we'll sort of.

Not much left
Drywood termites have eaten theough the subfloor...

Drywood termites everywhere.

The termite companies called it a tear-down.
The adorable bathroom
The quaint kitchen
All torn apart

Where is her hope now?

Hope Starts Here

Your first thought is Lawsuit, right?

It's not as easy as that. Besides being lengthy, stressful, and costly, there is not even a guarantee at the end of it all that she will end up in a better place. Yes, it is an avenue most would pursue immediately, but emotionally and physically, she just doesn't have the stamina right now.

We want to be a love story, not a tragedy!

Imagine if we as a community put our hearts and heads together and brought our talents to the table and rebuilt her home, gave her a place to live in the meantime, and prayed together? Isn't that who we claim to be? As the hands and feet of Jesus, we can display a greater victory out of love then out of retribution. What a story we could tell!

We will be needing many things to SET UP this campaign, and your unique God-given giftings!

From setting up fundraisers and getting the word out, to caring for Stacey and her two daughters NOW, as she has no where to go as of October 27.

Remember she pays her mortgage on November 1, so she cannot afford to also rent a place. This is the most immediate need October 27. If you can help AT ALL, please TEXT "How can I help?" to 407-719-7611. We will reach out to you right away. Thank you!

Elisa, Sarah and Stacey Goode

Again Text "how can I help" to:


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