Mr. Steinke 7th Grade Troy Junior High Social Studies

Major tasks consist of making sure the students are productive and understanding of the material. to make sure they grow and mature in the sense that they are not spoon fed, but must work for the information themselves as well. teams up with mr. Armentrout to reach Ohio learning standards in order to better prepare students for testing.
Being a teacher is more than just teaching. There come many more responsibilities due to different minds and regulations. Though you have to go through college, pass tests, and then go through college again it will never prepare you for the skills needed in the classroom itself. Skills such as patience, communication, and time management.
Teaching can be hard if it is hard to get the students to care for the lesson if it does not directly effect them. Mr. steinke is great at changing the lesson to catch the attention and desire of the students. That is why one of the Things that satisfy mr. steinke as a teacher is seeing his future students grow and mature into young adults.


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