7th Grade Peek of the Week January 13-17, 2020

Report cards & GMAS Reports went home on Friday; reminder-students do not receive grades for their READ classes. If students return them signed, they will receive PBIS points.

#CelebrateMonday 1/13
  • Basketball @ Claxton
  • Soccer Tryouts 3:35-5:45
#TurnUpTuesday 1/14
  • i-Ready Math Diagnostic Testing
  • Tutoring 3:35-4:30
  • Soccer Tryouts 3:35-5:45
  • Ms. Tedder's Science Class Quiz (14th)
#WinWednesday 1/15
  • Soccer Tryouts 3:35-5:45
#ThankfulThursday 1/16
  • i-Ready Math Diagnostic Testing
  • Soccer Tryouts 3:35-5:45
#FocusFriday 1/17
  • Soccer Tryouts 3:35-5:45
  • Social Studies Test-SE Asia Geography

Parents, below you will find information about tryouts for Baseball, Soccer, Track, and Golf. Also check out the information about our new online physical system. If your scholar is planning to try out for Spring Sports, now is a great time to get that physical done.

Content Info For The Week

  • ELA (Gordon): This week we will continue to read "The Giver" and dive into dystopian literature as a genre. We will also take the I-Ready Diagnostic during our long block on Wednesday/Thursday. As always contact me with questions.
  • Read 180 (Hester & Miller): Sometimes, it's what the text doesn't say that is important. Students will combine what they know and what is mentioned in a text to make inferences about the plague. In addition, students will explore disease-causing germs and effective ways to combat these organisms that make us sick.
  • Math (Allmond, Fulton, Lothridge): This week, students will finish their "mini-me" projects. They will begin reviewing the different types of triangles and will begin classifying triangles. Students will learn the different conditions of a triangle that are necessary in order to construct a triangle and will have a quiz over triangles on Wednesday or Thursday (depending on which day they have math). By Friday, students will have learned a lot of triangle vocabulary and will complete a vocabulary activity.
  • Science (Aldred & Tedder):Now that Scholars are experts on mitosis after an #elite Oreo cell cycle activity, we will begin to compare mitosis and meiosis. Since there are two types of cells in your body there are two different processes to make them. We will focus on vocabulary related to DNA and in class activities to help students understand this amazing process. Check Google Classroom for notes and power-points.
  • Social Studies (Lewis & Waddell): During Monday & Tuesday, we are examining the religions of SE Asia such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Shintoism, & Confuscianism. The terms monotheism and polytheism will be an important concept for them to understand. During the long block day, students will complete a study guide and review for the test. Test on Friday!

Look what we have been up to!

Our basketball players enjoyed taking in a game at Georgia Southern!
Edible labs are #elite! Scholars used their knowledge of mitosis & meiosis to construct the different phases using oreos and sprinkles.
Jenga! Students in Read 180 got their game skills on as they use Jenga to practice vocabulary terms.

March Grade Level Field Trip to Atlanta

2019-2020 7th Grade Trip

Date: Friday, March 27th

Trip #13401

$165-Paid in Full by: March 1st

*Offered via Kelly Tours*


**Behavior Requirements Apply**

7th Grade Team Contact Info!

Teachers pictured from left to right:

Anna Waddell-Social Studies-awaddell@bryan.k12.ga.us

Drew Fulton-Math-dfulton@bryan.k12.ga.us

Lindsey Lothridge-Math-llothridge@bryan.k12.ga.us

Anna Lewis-Social Studies-alewis@bryan.k12.ga.us

John Allmond-ESS Math-jallmond@bryan.k12.ga.us

Bethany Gordon-ELA-bgordon@bryan.k12.ga.us

Melissa Tedder-Science-mtedder@bryan.k12.ga.us

Bobi Hester-ESS Read 180-bhester@bryan.k12.ga.us

Brandi Miller-Read 180-brandi.miller@bryan.k12.ga.us

Anne Marie Aldred-Science-aaldred@bryan.k12.ga.us

BCMS Administration Team!

Liz Raeburn-Principal-eraeburn@bryan.k12.ga.us

Abram Scott-Assistant Principal-ascott@bryan.k12.ga.us

Blaine Ennis-Assistant Principal/Athletic Director-bennis@bryan.k12.ga.us