Andrew Carnegie captain of industry

Andrew Carnegie

In the nineteenth century, there were many men that helped build America to what it is today. These people were known as Captain of Industries, business men who commonly used their wealthy status to positively contribute to the country. One of these popular Captain of Industries, was Andrew Carnegie.

Dunfermline, Scotland

Carnegie was born poor in the medieval town of Dunfermline, the capital of Scotland in 1835. He was expected to follow in his father's footsteps amd become a weaver. But steam-powered machines took over his father's job, and his family was officially in poverty. This caused the family to immigrate to America, where Carnegie would soon become the first country's captain of industry.

The Flag of the Unites States of America

Eventually, at the age of 35, Carnegie was nationally recognized as a highly successful businessman who regularly contributed to the country. He owned his own steel mill company and fought hard to keep prices low in order for it to be cheap enough for every person to pay for it.

Steel Mill

Overall, Carnegie was a Captain of Industry because he started out as a poor immigrant, that used his abilities to work his way to the top to get himself and his family out of poverty. He regularly donated money to charities and foundations, such as when he created around three thousand libraries for the public. Lastly, he was an advocate of the "gospel of wealth". Meaning, that he supported the idea that the wealthy should us their wealth to benefit all of society. Carnegie certainly did the latter. Even today, his legacy continues with his continuous wealth still being used for new institutions in society, just like he, no doubt, would have wanted his money to be used for.

U.S Dollars

Andrew Carnegie was a gilded age magnate in terms of his established wealth. Gilded age magnates still effects us today because it leads us to needed foundations, such as schools and parks. The wealth of many people is also used to create new pieces of technology, such as computers, televisions, and phones. Lastly, the money provided ways to solve many problems in today's society. One of the problems of today that gets tons of donations is research for cancer.

Andrew Carnegie


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