DSM Real Estate Investing Meetup Every Third Thursday of the Month

Ready. Set. Network!

We meet every third Thursday from 6-8pm. After discussing with several local investors, it was clear there was a great group of local individuals interested in making something happen in the real estate world of central Iowa. Yet... there are limited resources (dare I say no) outlets for actual down to earth, learning and networking WITHOUT the agenda-focused, fee-based, overwhelming-pressure-of-making-a-sale-overtones. With the DSM Real Estate Investing Meetup, there's a meeting every third Thursday and there's never a fee or gimmick! (Group leaders will have words with anyone potentially bringing gimmicks!)

Small Talk Series

Join us before the usual meetup from 5-6pm for a speaker-lead discussion about various specific topics. Same day, same location. Everybody's still welcome.

"We didn’t set out to make business contacts or get referrals or make an impression. We just wanted to listen and learn. In the end, not only did we learn from this group, we got support, advice, and even assistance. Oh, and we made lifelong friends too. I think that’s a win-win-win-win." - Amanda Kruse

Everybody's welcome!

Created By
Jessica Echterling