Self-Designed Exhibit #1 recognizing self sabotage

Self Designed Exhibit #1

Recognizing Self Sabotage

this is the spreadsheet that i used to collect my data from my self designed exhibit

Self Sabotage Discoveries

I learned a few things about myself and how I sabotage my own life or how I power through and complete the tasks I want to do. One of the major problems that I have is that I have difficulty talking to people that I don’t know. I could talk to people I didn’t know on multiple occasions but they were short conversations. I discovered that I can talk to people I don’t know and that I won’t be ignored every time I open my mouth so it was a big boost for my self-confidence. I just had to stop overthinking and I knew I would be able to speak; when I overthink I mostly think of the bad that could arise from the situation. When I stopped thinking I could just speak and it felt good to talk without planning what I would say. I also learned that I want to do a lot but I’m only one person and eventually I will burnout and it won’t be good. I wanted to go home for my cousin’s birthday and study for my exams but I wouldn’t be able to focus on both at the same time no matter how hard I tried.

Final Thoughts from Exhibit

I know that I need to just try to move at a slower pace and plan more so that I don’t have situations like that weekend again. One of the biggest things I learned was that I need to look at my future and present at the same time. I need to ensure that I follow the path I want to follow now so I can be happy in the future but I also need to know what exactly it is I want in my future. I need to make sure that I also don’t do something bad that may seem fun at the time but could possibly come back to haunt me in my future.

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