Aislandia Expression Is Everything

Man is Created Equal. Everyone should have their own rights, religion, spouse, and express themselves the way they want too. Gender, age, and race shouldn't define it

In the real world, gender, age, race, and religion stop you from following your dreams.

But here, you can follow your dreams, be who you want to be, and no one can judge, or stop you.

Our location is Paris, France, the center for fashion, art, geography, etc.

To apply, you need simply to fill out an online survey

In order to enter Aislandia, you must agree and follow these few rules.


  • Thou shalt not gossip, brag, or tease anyone
  • Thou shalt not violate of harass anyone in anyway
  • You may choose your own religion, spouse, and house
  • You cannot lie, we believe in honesty
  • Thou shalt not put any harmful substance in thy body
  • Everyone will be given insurance, job, and a house
  • Thou shalt always go to school unless sick
  • Thou shalt not kill thyself
  • Thou shalt do one act of kindness everyday
  • Thou shalt always pay taxes (1/3 of thy daily salary)

Aislandia, will be governed by one main leader, and a council of people that the community votes for every five years.

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