Mughal Empire Jamisen Walsh

The beginning of the Mughal empire is conventionally was dated to the victory by its founder Babur over Ibrahim Lodi. the last ruler of the Delhi Sultanate, in the First Battle of Panipat (1526).The classic period of the Mughal Empire started in 1556 with the ascension of Akbar the Great to the throne.

The beginning of the Mughal Empire was (

Babur 1526 – 1530

Humayun 1530 – 1540 1555 – 1556

Akbar 1556 – 1605

Jahangir 1605 – 1627

18 more rows

•The Mughal Empire, founded in 1526, was the most powerful Islamic state to rule in India. It was at its most prosperous during the 17th century, when fine buildings such as the Taj Mahal were constructed.

•The Taj Mahal was begun in 1632 and completed 22 years later. About 20,000 people were employed, including Asia’s finest craftsmen. Famous for its perfect symmetry, it is exactly as wide as it is high, and the dome is the same height as its façade.

•Religion: The Mughal Empire was a time period of peaceful religious and cultural flourishing between the Hindus and Muslims of India, culminating in a golden age of Islamic-Hindu cross cultural pollination.

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