The Heart Of America By FGFC820

Law & Ordnance

2009 | Electric

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“We take our orders from the evening news. -- Paper dolls with political views. -- Find religion on the radio. -- The more you listen, the more you know. Sell the lie in a new pop song. -- No one questions as they sing along. -- Keep the pigs happy in the shit. -- Pick a side and bend the truth to fit."


  • FGFC820 formed in 2004 from well-known and respected New York City DJs, Rexx Arkana and Dräcos.
  • Rexx Arkana is also the founder of the scene supergroup Bruderschaft, a collaboration of electronic musicians.
  • Dräcos graduated from Berklee College of Music.


Luke Tatum

"We take our orders from the evening news; Paper dolls with political views; Find religion on the radio; The more you listen, the more you know." Good stuff. A concept that could perhaps use more exploration by each of us: Where do we get our worldview? Whose words do we accept unquestioningly? Whose do we dismiss out of hand? Even many of those who have "woken up" have really just exchange one order-barking news channel for a different one. We see this all the time with haughty, enlightened Democrats looking down their noses at intellectually inferior Fox News viewers. Of course, those on the Fox side have their own brand of disgust and distrust for the CNN and MSNBC viewers. It's a silly game, and one it's worth reminding ourselves to stay out of.

Sherry Voluntary

This techno-riffic song lays down some harsh realities about what passes for being a "freedom loving American Patriot" these days. PUKE! Whenever I hear someone talke like that I know what's coming next. A stream of nationalistic us versus them , get them before they get us, mucho macho egostistical crap, that perpetuates the war State and gives only lip service to the American ideals of life, liberty and property, and It's not just from "the right." We live in a time when even "the left" wants perpetual war. It shocks me, but I also know that it's due to indoctrination by those who know war and division help them maintain power. People are taught every night on Fox News, and CNN, with all of their opinions based on their CIA talking points, to just deny the reality of what is really being done. Just dismiss what is happening right in front of their faces because their guy or gal is the one making the decisions right now. It's sick. Who knew Orwell's 1984 coming to reality would feel like living in a Toby Keith song.

Nicky P

I love this song a bit more than I think anyone should. I love the audio clips they chose to sink into the song. I love how authentic it is to classic techno. I especially enjoy the use of "It's far easier to fight for principles than to live up to them." That line floors me in its accuracy when describing Americans. We preach freedom but subjugate people across the globe. We talk about freedom of speech but try to remove the speech we don't like. We make theft illegal unless we call it taxation. Murder is a crime unless you have a badge. Across the board we talk a big game but fall quite short.

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Nicky P