CM Hospitality Carpets corporate story


Edward Clayton Miller, known to the industry as "Clay", worked as a carpet sales agent and manager in the hospitality industry throughout the 80's and 90's. In the late 90's, Clay saw a need and the demand for complete custom designed carpet for guestrooms and public spaces. With the purchase of a 12th Infinity tufting machine, Clay began a new carpet manufacturing company and he called it Clayton Miller Hospitality Carpets.

CMHC became well known throughout the hospitality industry for their devotion to creating works of art on the floor and supplying incredible one on one customer service to their clients. In 2012, Clay made the tough decision to sell to Textile Management and Associates (TMA) a privately owned company located in Dalton, Ga. CMHC recently has rebranded slightly and is now known simply as "CM Hospitality".


Today CM Hospitality is soaring to new heights with innovation and successful leadership. Hugh McClain is now the CEO and President of CM Hospitality. McClain has shown great strides in leading CM to thrive during a recession into the success that it is today. CM continues to engineer new and exciting design collections as well as running line programs.

The Covered Services Program is one of the many ways CM continues to exceed client's expectations.

Service is not just what we do for our clients - its what we are about. From beginning to end, CM is here to provide consistent assistance with an emphasis on the overall project. In late 2013, CM launched its turnkey installation program called Covered Services Program. This program facilitates clients with handling all the details involved with their renovation or new construction. Each project's service punch list is customized for the needs of the client. Our expert team will handle any or all of the following:

  • Furniture Removal and Carpet Removal
  • Coordinate recycling and logistics for discarded carpet also known as reclamation
  • Measure rooms and estimate yardage to minimize waste and determine carpet width
  • Procure custom carpet and all accessories such as cove base, carpet pad, transitional pieces, and adhesives
  • Manufacture the carpet and accessories and ship them to job site
  • Coordinate warehousing of delivered material on job site
  • Work with the hotel's schedule to efficiently install carpet to minimize loss of revenue
  • Fully install all components to the satisfaction of the client at final walk through

CM Hospitality offers planning and estimating services to assist clients in determining their quantity needs. By simply sending CM dwg files and pattern information, our qualified estimator can provide the following:

  • Seaming Diagram
  • Flooded Floor Plans
  • Take Off Report (required quantities for PO)

With patterned carpet, it is imperative that this level of planning should be practiced to prevent waste and material shortage. Our estimator and technical services team are standing by to assist with any installation issues on site. Field verification and measuring can also be coordinated on a special request basis.


Let CM take the lead in determining the best construction for your application.

Here's what we will need to know:

  • Where will the carpet be installed?
  • What's the budget?
  • What kind of design or theme is being considered?
  • What is the preferred width of materials?
  • Send us a copy of the dwg files of the project's blueprint plans if applicable.
  • Is there a special width requirement?
Custom Designs
3D simulations are available showing the patterns true texture.

In 2014, CM introduced a new digital studio format that allows clients to explore the plethora of existing designs as a jumping off point for their own custom designs. Designers have the ability to chose special coloring and then visualize their own creation in a room scene simulation. These can be printed, emailed, or saved as a jpeg or pdf. Customers can search different genres of patterns by constructions, pattern types and collection.

When using CM's design library, it is easy to navigate and operate. Seeing large scale patterns in room scenes is very helpful in the decision making and can save precious time in narrowing down final options.

Our in house design team will also interpret complete customs and make them come to fruition. Not only does our Design Team specialize in overall carpet design, they are always studying trends to stay ahead of the wave of fashion, color, and style.

CM's vast product capabilities makes it easy to find the right construction for the right application!

CM Hospitality is dedicated to producing products that meet the needs of the marketplace through construction and performance. CM provides a choice of solution dyed nylon tufted carpets using state-of-the-art equipment to the hospitality industry. Texture, pattern, budget, and application all help determine the manufacturing direction and will ultimately create not only a piece of floor covering but a piece of art on the floor.

CM also offers carpet accessories such as:

  • Carpet Pad
  • Premium Backing Systems
  • Adhesive and Seam Sealer
  • Cove Base
  • Custom Sized Bound Area Rugs


CM recently added LVT to our product lines. Luxury Vinyl Tiles and Planks are becoming options for kitchenette areas and dining areas in the hospitality market. CM also offers transition hardware, adhesives, and sound control underlayment for LVT installs. CM's LVT offers two installation methods:

  1. Click
  2. Direct Glue

CM's vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities will provide carpet for the following typs of hospitality areas:

  • Guestrooms
  • Public Spaces
  • Pre-function Areas
  • Ball Rooms
  • Conference Centers
  • Corridors
  • Lobbies
  • Back Office Areas
  • Meeting Rooms

When you match our design expertise with our carpet production expertise, it is inevitable that innovation will be born. CM continuously evaluates our processes, components, and products to see if there is room for improvement. We are looking at the needs of the market in anticipating the demands of the hospitality industry. Our newest endeavor is creating modular tile for the hospitality industry. Stay tuned...

Our designers study color and pattern trends to stay ahead of the wave to initiate new fashion trends in our design collections.

CM is vertically integrated which means TMA owns the entire process:

  • Extrusion
  • Primary Backing
  • Tufting
  • Secondary Backing
  • Finishing
CM has over 560 solution dyed nylons to pick from for custom designed patterns

CM Hospitality is known for their versatile construction capabilities including:

  • 12th and 10th gauge Infinity
  • Enhanced Loop Graphics
  • Cutpile Graphics
  • CYP (Computer Yarn Placement) aka Tapistron
  • Colorpoint
  • Colortech
  • Available 32-38 oz
  • Available as 10th or 12th gauge constructions
  • Available in either Genesis or Aquafil yarn banks
  • Widths are available anywhere from 12 to 15 ft. Standard width is 12 ft.
  • Patterns can feature from 1 to 3 colors
  • Texture can be all loop or loop and tip shear up to 40%
  • Infinity products are ideal for guestrooms or corridor applications. 36 oz or higher is recommended for high traffic areas.
  • All cut is NOT available on this machine.
  • Available 32-38 oz
  • Available as 10th gauge construction
  • Available in either Genesis or Aquafil yarn banks
  • Widths are available anywhere from 12 to 15 ft. Standard width is 12 ft.
  • Pattern can feature from 1 to 6 colors
  • Texture can be all loop or any combination of cut and loop.
  • Available 40-42 oz
  • Available in either Genesis or Aquafil yarn banks.
  • Widths are available anywhere from 12 to 15 ft. Standard width is 12 ft.
  • Pattern can feature up to 6 colors
  • Pattern Repeat should side match and be divisible evenly by the width of carpet in inches
  • Texture is 100% cut.
  • 40-42 oz would be ideal for high traffic areas
  • Available 32-60 oz
  • Available in either Genesis or Aquafil yarn banks
  • Available as 10th gauge construction
  • Widths are available anywhere from 12 to 15 ft. Standard width is 12 ft.
  • Pattern can feature from 1 to 3 colors
  • Texture can be all cut or a combination of cut with a small amount of loop.
  • This construction would be ideal for high or low traffic areas depending on the oz weight.
  • Oz weight is determined by the amount of colors selected. 1-4 colors = 42 oz / 5-6 colors = 44 oz.
  • Available in either Genesis or Aquafil yarn banks
  • Available in 10th gauge construction
  • Widths are available anywhere from 12 to 15 ft. Standard width is 12 ft.
  • Pattern can feature from 1 to 6 colors.
  • Texture can be all loop or loop and up to 40% cut. All cut is NOT available on this machine.
  • This construction would be ideal for high traffic.
  • Available 38-42 oz
  • Available in either Genesis or Aquafil yarn banks
  • Widths are available anywhere from 12 to 15 ft. Standard width is 12 ft.
  • Pattern can feature from 1 to 6 colors
  • Texture can be all cut or any combinations of cut and loop.
  • This construction is ideal for high traffic areas.

CM not only offers premium quality carpeting for the industry, but also offers several accessories that will help installers complete projects with convenience.


ECOTREAD is a synthetic fiber made of 100% recycled content that comes in three thicknesses and weights - 28 oz, 32 oz, & 40 oz.

All three Ecotread pads come in either 6' or 12' widths. All rolls are 60 LF. ECOTREAD is supreme in strength and stability for the life of the carpet and is perfoect for use in guestrooms. ECOTREAD is a preferred by installers for easy installation and provides thermal and acoustical benefits to hotels. ECOTREAD contributes to LEED credits and is green label plus approved for low VOC for indoor air quality.

BIOCEL DOUBLESTICK COMFORT is a polyurethane foam carpet pad that is recommended for double stick installation. The width for this pad is also 6' and 12' widths. All rolls are 75 LF. It is moisture and mildew resistant and feature a 100% recycled PET gray fleece layer for easy installation. BIOCEL COMFORT pad is recommended for high traffic areas.



CM values having not only stellar tufting but excellent tuft bind in our backing systems. Our standard Action Back latex and upgraded Action Back Plus offers ecenomical solutions for guestroom and higher traffic areas such as ballrooms and corridors. Permaloc is another option that increases tuft bind because the tufting is stitched through the primary and the secondary layers then a final latex finish is applied.

If clients value moisture barrier and having recycled content, Biocel Laminate and Biocel PFAB-3 are excellent choices. Biocel PFAB-3 has cushion built in so it is an added value and saves installers' time. Envirocel Cushion Plus is a moisture resistant backing system that also features the same post-consumer recycled PET cushion that is built in. All of the premium backing systems are low emitting VOC's for safe indoor air quality and have Green Label Plus certificates for LEED certified projects.


CM has also provided beautiful custom area rugs for various properties looking for the plush feel in their lobbies or public space areas. Custom design and size the pattern to fit your exact area rug's needs. Area rugs can also be made to coordinate with existing broadloom.


In the fall of 2013, CM introduced its own adhesive CM300 product as another convenient accessory item. CM 300 comes in 4 gallon pails and is a premium multi-purpose carpet adhesive that has a longer open time than most standard adhesives. This allows installers more time to pattern match and seam patterns correctly. CM1801 seam sealer is also great product that will make seams last and hold up to the busiest of foot traffic.


Cove Base trim is another accessory that is convenient to order at the time of regular carpet order. Whether the client is looking for a custom solution dyed base or a solid cut pile to match. CM can deliver quality cove base trim in standard 4" or custom sizes that feature bound edging. The Essence Collection also has a solid cut pile cove base that can be shipped with the carpet for quick turnaround.


Our commitment to providing excellent customer experience goes hand in hand with offering quality products. Quality is not just a word we use - it's the way we operate. All of our custom carpets feature 100% solution dyed nylon. All carpets are closely inspected throughout the production process and checked for any defects. High quality yarn is used in a state-of-the-art tufting application into a superior primary backing and then finished with a first-class backing system - and we stand by our quality.

All of our products come with a 10 year limited warranty. CM will make every effort to accommodate customers when they receive their carpet and are starting to install on the job site. Our experienced Technical Services department will guide installers to making the carpet turn out just as it was designed for. All of our constructions have been tested for flammability, smoke density, static electricity, and are Green Label Plus certified for indoor air quality. These test certificates are available by request.


From Pellet to extrusion to cone, CM's in-house fiber - the Genesis yarn system is manufactured for top performance in the hospitality environment. Genesis is 100% solution dyed nylon and is twisted and heat set to maintain yarn definition and strength. Genesis is our standard fiber and is highlighted in our Essence Collection.

CM does not limit itself to only one yarn system - they have partnered with Aquafil. Aquafil offers exquisite color options and is well known throughout the carpet industry for its superior attributes.

Custom barber poles are also an option but require staying within the same yarn bank.


CM Hospitality is dedicated and committed to satisfying each and every customer we have the opportunity to serve. We believe in going the extra mile to make sure all the details are handled for the best interest of the client and project's success. Our goal is to provide an overall pleasant, thorough, and efficient order process from sample to delivery. Each step of the way we want to anticipate needs before they are even inquired about and meet and exceed client's high expectations each and every time!

"Please extend Gettys' robust thank you-s to the team for putting the pedal to the medal on this initiative." - Meg Pendergast, Principal at The Gettys Group in Chicago, IL.
"Thank you so much for all your help, quick responses, and even quicker turn-around. You and your team are a true blessing. I am very grateful." - Nelly Roman-Torres, FF&E Manager, Renovation and Refurbishment Services for Marriott Vacations Worldwide Corporation in Orlando, FL.

In 2013, CM began its journey to setting up a reclamation and recycle program to recoup and recycle old carpet and keep it out of the landfills. Through our extensive domestic network of local recycling specialists, we are still striving towards this goal and look forward to helping clients avoid unnecessary waste and know that they have made an environmental sound decision when they work with CM.

Not only do we want to do our part to keep carpet out of landfills, we want to be good stewards with each resource we use to manufacture quality carpet.


CM Hospitality promises to reduce pollution by managing our materials, processes and employees in an ethical and responsible manner. We are committed to meeting or exceeding environmental laws, regulations, and corporate goals. We will strive for continuous improvement by annually reviewing existing environmental objectives and setting new environmental objectives. We will continue to develop and produce products with reduced energy, water, and waste.

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