Effective Instruction for English Language Learners Supporting Text-Based Comprehension & Communication

  • Provide teachers with research-supported instructional for foster language, literacy and content area growth.
  • Focus in five crucial areas: comprehension, pronunciation, fluency, vocabulary, and grammar.
  • Work with three levels: beginning, intermediate, or advanced.

Because the number of ELL students are grown every year and motivating instruction the conduit of success, the authors designed thoes highly motivating strategies to increase literacy and linguistic.

From my own experiences, I found those strategies fit very well with english learner. Each strategy has different way to get alone with the need, which make learning not boring that follow same ways. Multiple strategies make you feel confident and proud of what you have achieved.

Here some examples of the strategies that are provided in this book.
  • Choral Reading.
  • Read, Record, Report.
  • Making Connection.

Choral Reading

  • Pick appropriate text for students level.
  • Teacher models how it suppose to be read, point to important thing and explain it, and invite students to share their thought about that thing.
  • Students and teacher read together again and again as a group or peers.
  • Teacher should mention encouraging words such as " The more we read something, the smoother we sound. We won't sound like robots now."

Read, Record, Report

  • Show students a copy of work page.See the picture below.
  • Teacher reads aloud while students write sentences they hear.
  • Teacher model how to think aloud the dictation and writing process.
  • Students ask each other using who, what, when, where, how, and why.

Making Connection

  • Before reading teacher develop questions related to the text.
  • Teacher model thinking aloud to answer questions by say her/his experience then invite students to talk in peer and share their experience.
thing surprised me:

" Second-Language learning involves the same processes that are employed to learning a first language."

For your attention

Sabreen Salarsagadri


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