Doubt in the sciences ALEX Liu

Elective reading journal entry:

I read about the placebo effect, the 'care effect,' and the article about Jane Goodall. Our group discussed the article, and I found it particularly fascinating how she was able to communicate with the chimpanzees and understand them as if they were people. I knew beforehand that chimpanzees were very smart and did exhibit some "human-like" behaviors, such as the ability to problem solve (as when they stacked a few blocks on top of each other to reach an item), but I was still surprised to learn about how similar they could be emotionally as well.


I did a bit of research about different topics or knowledge questions in the natural sciences, as well as potential theories to support my claim in my paragraph. I realized that in the evolution of the model of the atom, as well as the change from geocentric to heliocentric model of the solar system, we not only used, but required, doubt to progress, and as a result, it is a necessary component of the natural sciences.


We proposed the inclusion of the following essential questions to the list: "How essential is sense perception for acquisition of knowledge through the natural sciences" and "Is imagination necessary to gain knowledge about the universe?" Exploring either question would significantly help us better understand the natural sciences as an AOK, and both are highly related to the AOK, so we believe that these would be great additions to the list of essential questions.

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