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Message from President, Rev Dr Casey Ng

The world has undergone tumultuous and unprecedented changes in the past year. Such changes have also profoundly impacted most of our lives as we alternate between remote work/study and onsite work/study, between remote worship and onsite worship. It is now time to spring-clean our lives, to clear out the undesirables and get ready for new challenges.

The starting point for such spring-cleaning is healing, that is, restoring ourselves to the best that God has intended us to be. If we have been carrying an extra emotional baggage, anxiety, stress, and frustration, now is the time for us to release and to let go of our past beliefs, patterns, and experiences—both good and bad—that are hindering us from moving forward. Perhaps, some of us may wish for a button to instantly reset our lives or delete every undesirable element in our lives. Understandably, healing is not instant but a process that unfolds over time. However, with our sincere prayers and God’s divine grace, we can certainly embark on this journey of inner healing.

Another step to spring-cleaning is to take a personal SWOT analysis to evaluate ourselves for growth. SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. A personal SWOT analysis will also assess our soft skills, emotions, and feelings. The purpose of a personal SWOT analysis is to help us understand our strengths, minimise our weaknesses, and maximise available opportunities to grow. As such, this personal SWOT analysis can enable us to figure out what needs to change and how to do it effectively. For instance, if our strength is in teaching, we could volunteer our service to teach an adult or youth group in our faith community. If our strength is in communication, we could volunteer to share our testimony in an office fellowship or to join the weekly announcement team of our faith community.

The third step to spring-cleaning is to make learning the Scriptures a way of life. It is laudable to have read through the Bible at least once, but it would be more exciting to dive deeper into the Scriptures and unpack the gems of what God is speaking through his Word. We could join a Bible study group to begin a reflective journey through the Word of God. Alternatively, we could grab the opportunity to train at ACTS College to unpack the Word of God accurately whenever the opportunity arises.

Therefore, may the Lord guide us to spring-clean our lives and to get ready for new challenges. We can proactively engage in our inner healing, follow through our personal SWOT analysis, and make learning the Scriptures a way of life.






Spiritual Emphasis Chapel 培灵会 2021

The Spiritual Emphasis Chapel for the second semester of 2021 was held online on 5 July. About sixty staff and students participated in this chapel. The speaker, Rev Dr David Lim challenged everyone with the timeless truths of claiming God’s best from three perspectives. Dr Lim shared how he felt fearful, discouraged, disappointed, and defeated from his leadership journey. But God came through for him despite his weakness. He began with Eschatology, exhorting them to see the church, themselves, and eternal judgment in the light of the return of Jesus. He then moved to Ecclesiology, encouraging them to recognize their spiritual gifts in the light of the church, to build the body of Christ. Finally, he concluded with Ethics, imploring all to conduct themselves well out of gratitude for what God has given to them. With a definitive reminder on the sufficiency of God’s grace and how God’s power can be made perfect in their weakness, Dr Lim urged the staff and students to claim God’s best for their lives by giving themselves fully to the Lord anew.


Hybrid College Retreat 2021 学院退修营

Date日期: 9月10 Sep

Coming Soon!

23-26 Aug 2021: Mission Ignite Prayer Week. Join us online to intercede for the specific needs of the nation.


Oct 2021: Registration for 1st Semester 2022 modules. For more details contact: enquiry@acts.edu.sg


14 Nov 2021: ACTS Graduation 2021 (3.30 pm). Look out for more details in Oct 2021.



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