Florida Museum of Natural History Butterfly rainforest by: yeyenne telisme

Entering the butterfly rainforest exhibit.

Nature on Display

The Florida Museum of Natural History was designed to immerse the visitor in nature and also create a realistic environment that allows interaction with nature itself through the Butterfly Rainforest exhibit. This exhibit is home to many different butterfly species and contains very plant species as well.

Watching this blue morpho butterfly take flight
Lifestyle of the butterflies

Nature and Ethics

The butterfly exhibit allows me to navigate around and making the direct connection by freely viewing them and learn more about their natural habitat. This experience is amazing because learning about how butterfly lives and how they are taken care of is ultimately profound. This allows me to look for the beauty in the environment no matter where in nature I find myself to be. The rainforest gives a unique perspective on the importance of preserving nature and displaying it for people to see and learn about it.

Blowing kisses for the magnificent butterflies

Nature and the Human Spirit

The Natural History Museum highlight many different parts of nature as well as through humans. The other exhibit helped me to see the lives of others back in the days. These exhibits help to establish a relationship between those that walked this land decades before we did. These exhibits help us understand the origin of human and their nature. This world is full of many extraordinary facts that we can learn through museums and their profound exhibits that display these truths.

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