Puffet 2 Project episodes, STORY-LINE & Music


Puffet 2 is going to have a total of 5 episodes, them being:

  • Puffet 2: Episode 1 - Cindykate's Tale (~13 minutes)
  • Puffet 2: Episode 2 - Smiling's Tale (~10 minutes)
  • Puffet 2: Episode 3 - Hecate's Tale (~15 minutes)
  • Puffet 2: Episode 4 - The Gathering (~10 minutes)
  • Puffet 2: Episode 5 - Back on Track (~13 minutes)


episode 1: Cindykate's tale

We see the ending of Cez 8 where Puffet disappears next to him.

The scene starts with Sindycate approaching Cez's crypt where he is last seen in Cez vol. 8.

-Heiress of Valenina Alesso(Remix) is playing in the background-

"It's been a fun ride" says Sindycate to Cez's armor in the crypt (In the crypt there's no body of Cez, there's simply his armor). He then continues:"My time is about to be up soon as well. I was considering retiring from this preposterous war and 'Live' the rest of my days in quiet.". He then stares at the armor for a few seconds and adds:"Farewell, my friend". As Sindycate walks away we can see a few scenarios changing as Sindycate walks slowly (the camera angle for the scene shows Sindycate's back). When the music stops the scene flashes and Sindycate sees a dying human woman to the side of the road holding her newborn daughter. Out of desperation she makes a selfish dying request and extends, with what little strength she has left, her daughter towards the undead. Unable to speak she simply stares asking for this one dying wish. Sindycate has grown past the whole conflict among factions given his few remaining decades left to live. He raises the child himself (flashing quick snapshots). The scene shows Mariahh from the front with, her head looking down, and we see Sindycate putting his hand on her shoulder and says "I will teach you. *few seconds of silence*" While he says that we also see a quick clip ( CLICK FOR GLIMPSE OF THE SAP SCENE ) the footage goes back to the previous scene (Mariahh's profile) and she raises her head as Sindycate finishes his sentence :"how to master the ways of the rogue".

-music starts with "now you can see her dancing- that's where the gameplay starts. The intro lasts approximately 1 minute.

The footage fades into black with a scene of Mariahh seeing Sindycate asleep. His life span was over.

-When the footage reappears sweet nothing also starts-

Cindykate opens her eyes and she's in an empty voodoo room in Swamp of Sorrows. Finds a letter written next to her saying the following :


In the meanwhile there's footage of Mariahh fighting. When the song is over the letter ends with yet another farewell.

-future prophecies - black dragon starts from roughly ~35 seconds in-

When the song starts saying "Beyond this wall..." we're in a first person view of a random bypasser and at some point he looks at a tree on the side of the road and sees Cindykate glaring right at him while lurking and then disappearing instantly(shake effect of the camera from first person PoV) and then the camera turns around when the song says "scaaaaaaaaaaaaary".

Footage shows Cindykate's madness over his loss. and she starts fighting people and killing mindlessly.

The footage and song gets cut by footage of Cindykate screaming and stabbing a dead body she just killed completely overcome by madness, anger and grief. At some point her heart beats real strong. Memories of Cez and Mariahh strike her simultaneously and her arm stands still, up in the air as she's seemingly stopped from stabbing the body.

-brave shores - never come down plays-

Cindykate now realizes that what she was doing was against the principles which she herself had taught Mariahh in the past and must find the way of the Rogue once more.

Song ends. Episode 1 ends.

The music playlist expected for this episode is:

  • Alesso Remix - Heiress of Valentina
  • Calvin Harris - Sweet Nothing
  • Future Prophecies - Black Dragon
  • Brave Shores - Never Come Down

Episode 2: Smiling's tale

This episode contains close to no actual plot to it, but it does connect to Puffet 1 directly.

The footage starts with Dont go - Invaders of Nine (Original Mix). You see the warcraft movie logo and some introduction-like footage in ashenvale which resumes from the footage in Puffet 1 where we see Smiling running in cat form. The footage then picks up from the song and we can see short clips flickering faster and faster followed by the beginning of the actual movie (3s matches). The song is followed by Down the Road and finishes with Long Gone.

The music playlist expected for this episode is:

  • Invaders of Nine - Don't Go (Original Mix)
  • C2C - Down the Road
  • Calyx & TeeBee - Long Gone

Episode 3: Hecate's Tale

The movie starts with the song "Pendulum - Watercolor", the intro of the song is very calm with chirping in the background. On screen you can see green, as what is supposed to be a place such as elwynn forest or so. On top of the background there's the "Fire" Warcraftmovies.com intro logo. The first 5 seconds are just the intro for the warcraftmovie.com (it's called sponsoring in order to get spotlight on the website, and emphasize the fact that it's a warcraft movie.)

The song starts at roughly 10s and during that time there's this "build up" in the songs where there will be several images showing Hecate's life when she's born, when she grows up and her getting exiled from the village because her magic is too strong and goes out of control. (The first minutes will be BG Fire Mage 1 vs X footage)

speculative pvp footage: in the song at 3:07 the song slows down, which I expect it to be a moment where the footage still keeps going but the character is somewhat dying in terms of hp, he has people on her and can't really get out of it. at 3:30 in the song the singer goes like "just stay where you are... " etc. in that footage I expect there to be some sort of flashback in her life and when the slow part is about to end (to be exact when the singer says "nothing to hide") the footage comes back and we see a close up of red's gear (cinematic) where it start flashing and oscillating between red and purple and then the movie resumes with arcane footage where red is arcane and is now wearing purple's clothes (alternative colors) with a constant arcane power aura around her(tmorphed). The footage ends and her clothes go back to being red.

The fire mage part is over. "The Glitch Mob - Mind of a Beast" starts. Now we have Hecate in the middle of a desert, supposedly Uldum/Tanaris/Silithus, surrounded by nothing or mere critters. The mage wants to stop being a fire mage, since fire is too "destructive" and decides to become a frost mage. And yes, she wants to become a frost mage surrounded by 0 water and in the extremely hot environment that is a desert. At 00:08 (in the song) she starts casting spells and tries to conjure an ICE ELEMENTAL (The one you gain with the glyph) but it dies. (Animation shows as it crumbles along with the piano notes ticking) Then she creates another one, but instead of ice it's made of water, meaning it's yet another failure but at least it stays alive. At 00:29 the music steps up and the screen starts shaking/waving sort of and Hecate's casting an extremely strong ice spell, the footage is roughly 13 seconds long of just her casting, obviously seen from different angles to emphasize on the scene. At 00:42 you can hear a guitar slide which gives the camera a panoramic view from the top of the mage where she releases her spell and the whole desert (visible on screen) gets turned into snow by a wave. (the animation effect of the spell is similar to that of the Warlock's HellFire spell but icy and more graphic since it will be done in After Effects). At 00:43 we're thrown directly into PvP footage, this time as Frost. The footage keeps going until the song is over roughly. Meaning there's around 3 mins and a half of frost footage (maybe even less).

After that we see short clips of Hecate being accepted as a high ranking mage, in fact she is wearing Grand Marshal's gear to symbolise her affiliation with her faction and the fact that she has gained trust and respect in society. But a mob of villagers kidnap her and put her on a stake at night accusing her of being a witch. She thinks to herself "So this is how it all ends, huh?" as she looks around her (we see the scene from her point of view with angry villagers in front of us). When the villagers set her on fire the song "Pendulum - Witchcraft" starts and we see the scene where she gets burned but she doesn't seem to die, rather, that awakens her old fire powers back and since she had become unable to use them after becoming a frost mage, if not in minimal dosage, the 2 mix, her hands start glowing and pulsating between blue and red before becoming purple meaning her arcane powers have finally awakened and she has now become the strongest mage alive. She gets off of the platform (all of this in first person view) and she uses an arcane barrage and tears down all of the villagers. She realises she's naked since they burned her naked, snaps her fingers and her clothes appear (purple's elemental triad clothes). The PoV in that scene shows her shoulders/head from above. The music starts and Hecate goes on a rampage (pvp footage). After the song we see her disappear into the nether, on her own to study magic even further, careless of whatever may happen if her powers run out of control. The song "Tantrum Desire - Reach VIP (4:55 long version)" starting at roughly 16 seconds and we see Azeroth from above starts and we see Hecate sitting in an empty white room with her back turned against the camera. We see close ups from the side of her face, of her clothing etc, and after the song goes "and then you bring it back" at 0:42 Hecate gets up and starts walking slowly, there's a little glimpse of footage at 00:54 just flashing very quick PvP clips until 1:04 where it goes back to Hecate looks at her from the front and she puts her hands together with the back of her hands facing one another as if she's trying to open a gate with her bare hands and then we see a portal getting expanded very quickly with a zoom in on the footage that's about to be shown when the song says "And then you bring it back". Music drops and the song just keeps going until the end.

The music playlist expected for this episode is:

  • Pendulum - Watercolor
  • The Glitch Mob - Mind of a Beast
  • Pendulum - Witchcraft
  • Trantrum Desire - Reach VIP

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