World Malaria Day 2019 (social media kit) 25 April 2019


TWEET: Unitaid’s projects are closing in on #malaria, taking an all-rounded approach. Click on the puzzle tiles to know more on how Unitaid and its partners are working to #endmalaria #WorldMalariaDay #ZeroMalariaStartsWithMe http://ow.ly/vdme30ox0V8

@GlobalFund @invectorcontrol @ISGLOBALorg @NotreDame @CHAI_health @MedsforMalaria @WHO @Jhpiego @PSIimpact @FightingMalaria @FINDdx @UNICEF

TWEET: Unitaid and its partners are investing in a world without malaria. #WorldMalariaDay #ZeroMalariaStartsWithMe http://ow.ly/vdme30ox0V8

@GlobalFund @invectorcontrol @ISGLOBALorg @NotreDame @CHAI_health @MedsforMalaria @WHO @Jhpiego @PSIimpact @FightingMalaria @FINDdx @UNICEF

TWEET: A third of the world’s population is at risk of Plasmodium #vivax #malaria – migrants and children under 5 are most vulnerable. Unitaid’s upcoming investments will tackle P. vivax, the second most common species of malaria. #endmalaria #WorldMalariaDay #ZeroMalariaStartsWithMe

TWEET: In partnership with @WHO, @GlobalFund and @gavi, Unitaid is investing in the world’s first #malaria #vaccine http://ow.ly/ik0U30ox54o

TWEET: In malaria-endemic areas, up to 10% of maternal deaths are caused by malaria in pregnancy. Unitaid’s US$ 49 million project is protecting expectant mothers from malaria. #WorldMalariaDay @Jhpiego http://ow.ly/AqpT30osuF0

TWEET: #Malaria is one of the leading causes of death in children under 5, taking a life every 2 minutes. Unitaid is investing US$ 19 million in emergency medicine for small children with severe malaria. #WorldMalariaDay @CHAI_health http://ow.ly/3hsT30osuHD

TWEET: 4 ways we are outwitting mosquitoes: new insecticides, better bed nets, innovative repellents, and treating people with pills that kill mosquitoes that bite them #WorldMalariaDay2019 @invectorcontrol @NotreDame @ISGLOBALorg @GlobalFund @PMIgov @WHO

TWEET: We are attacking #malaria from all angles, with the best drugs, tests and prevention methods #WorldMalariaDay2019 @DNDi @PAlonsoMalaria @NotreDame @ISGLOBALorg @Jhpiego @FightingMalaria

TWEET: #Plasmodiumvivax parasites account for 70% of #malaria cases in South America and Southeast Asia. We are investing in better ways to diagnose & treat it to accelerate the end of the epidemic #WorldMalariaDays @APLMA_Malaria @WHO

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