Imperialism By: tauemua taofi (2b)

My definition of Imperialism is the diffusion of culture or a country or region taking over another country or region. This pi graph shows how much land that each countries has, meaning how many countries they have token over to get this much land for themselves.
Here is an example of Imperialism
One example of Imperialism is when the U.S. had annexation on Hawaii in 1898. When that happened that meant the U.S. gets to have any public property, building, military equipment and many other things that belonged to the government of the Hawaiian Islands belonged to the U.S.
Another example of Imperialism is when Africa was owned by a lot of countries separately. I guess because some countries wanted parts of it or they were too late to get a part.
Another example of Imperialism is when Great Britain took over Indian. And in the photo it says that India takes raw material and sends it to England, which then England makes clothing or finished goods out of it and sends it back to India. Then India has to pay England to bring the finished goods back to them.
One last example is Germany taking over a part of Africa. Germany and many other countries took over parts of Africa. I guess it is because Africa is big and I guess countries like more land to take over.

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