Mars The red planet

The name of my planet is Mars. Mars is a planet with a diameter of 4,200 miles across.

This is mars the red planet.

The planet makes one complete revolution around the sun in 687 earth days.

Mars and the other planets orbiting the sun.

The average distance from mars to the sun is about 142 million miles.

This is a picture similar to the picture above. It shows how far away Mars and all the other planets are away from the sun.

The name mars is that of the Roman god of war.

This is Mars the Roman god of war.

Mars has an average surface temperate of 80 degrees F.

This photo shows how fiery and hot mars seems to look.

My first interesting fact is the surface of mars is thus colder than earths would be if the two planets were the same distance from the sun.

This photo shows Mars and Earth side by side. Now just imagine if the sun was directly in front of the two.

The second interesting fact is that the Northern lowlands of Mars are younger.

This photo shows a map of Mars. It shows the northern lowlands and the southern highlands and a bunch of other places.

My third interesting fact is the large bulge of tharsis has stretched and cracked the surface near by.

This photo shows the cracking of mars.

My last and finale fact is the martian surface today is dry and dusty.

This is the surface of Mars. Dry and dusty.


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