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The best time to travel to the Himalayas is in May through September. So come visit the Himalayas now! There is a 4,500 km long hiking trail that goes through China, Bhutan and India! You could even see Mount Everest, the highest peak in the beautiful Himalayas.

Plateau of Tibet

The Platue of Tibet has the largest canyon in the world (Yarlung Zangbo River Great canyon). There are also many great rivers, prairies, and gorges here. So come visit us today! The Platue of Tibet reaches 4,500 meters in altitude. This place is great for hiking and seeing many animals.

Taklimakan Desert

In this extremely hot desert, temperatures reach 113 degrees Fahrenheit during the day to -40 degrees Fahrenheit at night. Instead of lots of sand, this desert is mostly rock. Yet this desert also experiences week long sandstorms.

Gobi Desert

There are many animals and plants like Bactrian Camel has 2 humps , Central Asia viper, and Saxual is a bush like tree. There is also the Eastern Gobi desert steppe which covers 100,00 sq meters. Even though this is a desert it is a rather cold one.

North China Plain

This Plain is very populated and is great for farming, wheat, peanuts and sesame seeds often grow here. The rivers here help with farming though they are often elevated. The Yellow river flows through the plain.

The Yellow River

Don't be frightened with the name Yellow River, the yellow river is only yellow because of the silt in the bottom of it. This is the second largest river in China, although it does cause very bad flooding.

Chang Jiang River

The Chang Jiang River is the third longest river in the world! So come visit it today. It passes through three gorges, and you will often see many dams in this beautiful river. It is also used for transportation. So come see the Chang Jiang River today!

The Bay of Bengal

The water levels in the Bay of Bengal are rapidly changing. And experiences many monsoons and hurricanes so if you are a storm watcher this is the spot for you! This Bay has many islands so imagine being on an island during a storm; storm watchers!

Dead Sea

This sea is so salty you will float! It is the lowest point on Earth, so if you are very down to earth this is the perfect vacation spot for you! The Jordan river gets its water from here.


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