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For our final Photoshop project we were tasked with creating three pieces of print advertisement for a fictional company, Footsy. The three pieces are an outdoor piece, a direct mail piece, and a magazine ad or flyer. We were allowed to create a shoe product for which we would be creating the advertisements. I selected business shoes. The target market for the ad campaign was men, ages 18 and up.

The Billboard Piece

The first piece that I worked with was the outdoor piece and I elected to create a billboard sign. My idea was to have three or four men standing in a circle and the image would show their legs and feet revealing that only one of them was wearing business shoes. The tag line would be "Are you ready for business?"

The original photos for the billboard picture.

I created the picture by using two photos, above, from which I selected the feet and legs of each person and the carpet underneath them. I layered each set of feet and legs onto a background layer of the carpet. I completed the piece with a layer for the logo and another layer for the text.

The Billboard piece

I started by creating a background of the carpeting upon which to layer the rest of the piece. I began with the horizontal picture as it had the most carpet in the photo and used the Extend mode of the Content-Aware Move tool to fully cover the canvas with the carpet. I then selected the legs and feet from each of the original photos using the selection and copy technique to then paste each of them into separate layers for the piece. The horizontal image of the feet and legs was extended and stretched using Free Transform and flipped horizontally. I also adjusted the saturation slightly to 'dirty' the horizontal feet and legs.

The logo was placed as is in the lower third of the picture as the eyes generally move from top to bottom. The tagline, "Are you ready for business?" was placed across the top third of the picture using the Goudy Stout Regular which was chosen to promote a classic impression. The font color was chosen to be the same as the logo itself in order to continue the style from the logo. I added a stroke effect and an outer glow to make the tagline pop from the image. The glow was chosen to be yellow to aid in seeing the tagline and to bring brightness and a happy feeling to the piece.

The Direct Mail Piece

The second piece I worked on was the Direct Mail piece. My idea was to have a businessman sitting at a table working on a computer and paperwork dressed in a suit but wearing athletic shoes not business shoes. The tag line was to be "Getting Down to Business."

The original photo for the Postcard Piece

The picture I started with was largely composed of all the elements I needed for the piece. I began by cropping the picture so that I was focused on the subject and removed as much of the extraneous elements as I could. That left me with a mirror sticking out of his head and a large white area in the upper left corner of the picture. I removed the mirror using the Extend mode of the Capture-Aware Move tool and bringing the wall down to his head. I used the same tool to extend the window blinds up into the white area of the window.

The final version of the Postcard

Once that was done I added the logo and the text of the card, "Getting Down to Business?" and "Get Down to Business with Shoes from" as separate layers so each element could be manipulated and moved as necessary. I continued to use Goudy Stout Regular in order to maintain a continuity from one piece to the other. I used the color of the company name in the logo as the font color, again to maintain a continuity for the ad campaign. I used two effects for the type in this piece, Inner Glow and Stroke. I selected the Stroke effect to aid in seeing the type and the Inner Glow effect to further emphasize the type. I selected white for contrast against the black of the Stroke. I also like the point that white is usually seen as a color that indicates purity and good which would encourage good thoughts about the company in the mind of the viewer.

The text boxes and logo where sized comparatively so that no one part would be larger than the other and were positioned to encourage a flow of the eye from the top left of the card to the bottom of the card. I would add text on the rear of the card that referenced his lack of business shoes and how he could get the perfect pair of business shoes at Footsy.

The Magazine Ad or Flyer Piece

My final piece to work on was the Magazine Ad or Flyer piece. I elected to create a magazine ad that covered the outer half of two opposing pages. My idea was to have two pairs of legs chasing each other, one on either page. Further I desired the set on the left to be wearing athletic shoes while the set on the right wore business shoes.

The original photos for the Magazine piece

My vision of the final piece took full shape when I realized that I wanted to have a white background for the piece in order to make the legs look like they were crossing the pages. I began by selecting the legs and feet from each photo so I could isolate those elements. After copying just those elements from the pictures I began by creating a canvas that would cover the area I was looking for. I created two files, one for each side of the magazine ad.

The final pieces for the Magazine ad. (the photos have been cut off so please refer to the handouts)

I pasted each set of legs and shoes into each piece as a separate layer. This allowed me to manipulate the image further as was needed. I did use Free Transform to stretch the legs so that they covered the top two-thirds of the canvas. I also flipped the image of each set of legs along the vertical axis so that they were crossing from left to right in order to aid in flow of the information.

The bottom third of the piece I used for the text, "Business is Hard," "Finding the right Business Shoes Doesn't have to be." I used Goudy Stout Regular to continue with the continuity of the campaign as well as the grey color of the font from the logo. I used two effects with the type in order to promote a sense of texture, the hardness of the text, and to promote the continuity of the campaign. The effect that I used to promote the sense of texture was a raised Embossing of the text and I used the Stroke effect to promote the continuity of the campaign. I like the grey of the text as it conveys a sense of dignity which should transfer to the company.

The pieces are designed using a variety of balance techniques as each piece was designed with what would work best with the idea. You will notice that the first piece, the billboard, was designed with a radial balance coupled with the symmetrical balance of the text and logo. The second piece is asymmetrical to reflect the out of balance individual wearing athletic shoes with a business suit. Finally the third piece is a vertical symmetry with the two components being near mirror images of each other.

The camera angles and points of view of the original photos were nearly all perfect for their respective pieces but, as we have seen from previous projects, with cropping and other manipulative techniques the picture can have the camera angles and points of view changed to a degree.

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