Design and tech. Metal man pencil holder

Our project was makeing a metal man pencil holder

Saftey Rules

-No running in work shop because if u fall you could fall onto a tool/machine and hurt your self

-Wear safety glasses to protect your eyes

Wear a apron to protect your clothing from dust , wood chips ect.


No running in workshop

Listen to instructions

Only one person at machine at a time

Worst partw was..

The worst part was either measuring it out perfectly or cutting a bit wonky next time i will ask mr m for help on measuring it out and cutting

Tools I used

Metal scribe -used to mark out lines on metal

Aviation snips- to cut metal

Metal rul - to measure lines

Rubber hammer - to bend metal

Enginee square - to mark straight lines

Files - to file off scrape metal

Punch - to mark holes in metal

Metal bender - to bend metal

Bench drill - drill holes in metal

Clamp - hold metal to file

Finished product


Cutting metal

Our tools


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