Florida Museum of Natural History Hanna Gibson

Nature on Display

I really appreciated The Butterfly Rainforest because of closely it mirrored a rainforest in the real world. Although it was a contained environment, I immediately felt as if I was in a natural rainforest because of the great variety of plants and wildlife. As I live in a heavily developed area, through this rainforest I was able to better learn about codependent nature is as I observed the plants and butterflies coexisting and thriving off of one another. I also appreciate the exhibits goal of nurturing caterpillars into healthy butterflies in this sustainable environment.

Nature and Ethics

The exhibit of the South Florida People and Environments, I was able to see how the native Calusa people of Florida were able to coexist with the environment and survive taking only the necessities. This exhibit showed how these people appreciated all the land had to offer, such as using the palm leaves to build homes and fishing as a main source of sustenance. The Natural History Museum showed me how individuals used to cherish the land for all it has to offer instead of simply viewing it in terms of economic gains, as Leopold suggest. In todays world, we take advantage of and destroy our land instead of coexisting with it like the Calusa people. Seeing this reminded me how society needs to change the way we view the world around us in order to have a sustainable future.

Nature and the Human Spirit

In the Natural History Museum, the displays of extinct dinosaurs reminded me of the vast history of our world and the fact that humanity is just a small part of the world, despite the common view that humans are central to the world. It is easy to forget the expansive and beautiful history of our world and these displays emphasize the majesty that lies beyond our modern lives. These displays point to the evolutionary aspect of life and how all life feeds off of and builds upon one another throughout time.

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