Roaming Egypt By: Arrionna anderson

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you say "Egypt" out loud? Maybe it's the face make up or even the culture. What ever it is you will see, hear, and read all about it in this report. By the way WELCOME TO EGYPT!

In this picture you get the first look at downtown Egypt.

Goods travel.

Even in Ancient Egypt people needed to send things from place to place ,and they did it by using things such as:


In this picture a pharaoh is being carried by it serpents . The Acient Egyptians Goverment was ruled first and foremost by the Pharoh . Pharoh was the supreme leader's not only of the government but also of the region. However the pharohs couldn't run the government all by themselves so they had a hierachy of rulers and leaders below him who where in different aspects of the government. The primary leader of the government under the pharaoh was the vizier. The visor was the chief overseer of the land sort of like a prime minister. All the other officials reporting into the vizier perhaps the most famous vizier of the first one Imhotep . Imhotep architected the first pyramid and was later made into a God.


Sledges where used in ancient Egypt for moving parts of the pyramid around underground.

In this picture you can see serpents move top parts of the pyramids around.

Last but not least they simply carried things around by hand

In this picture they are weighing fruit.

In Ancient Egypt ,there were many jobs for the people to do. There were bakers, scribes, farmers, soldiers, priests, noldenmen, and many others. I am going to tell you about three different types of jobs in Ancient Egypt.

In this picture it shows many different jobs for the people of Ancient Egypt


In this picture from the right to the left they are making the papyrus writing paper and transforming words on to them.

The scribes used a kind of paper called papyrus, which was made from reeds other wise known as papyrus plants. A scribe recorded in writing the everyday life and extraordinary happening in Ancient egypt . Their jobs were varied and included writing letters for fellow villages who couldn't write.


In this picture you can find people including children working on a farm.

Farming was usually done near the Nile river which was the best place for farming because you need water for farming. Egyptians grew crops uch as wheat, barley, vegetable, figs, melons, pomegranates, and vines. They also grew flax which was made into linen. The most important crop was grain. The ancient Egyptians used the grain to make bread, porridge, and beer.


Egypt was the wealthiest countries in the ancient world. Egyptians merchants who were or more like traders carried products such as gold papyrus made into writing paper for twisted in to roll, linen cloths and jewelry to other countries. In exchange they brought back cedar and ebony wood elephants tasks panthers skins, giraffe tails for fly whisks and animals such as baboons and lions.

In this picture they are trading jewelry and gold.


Traditionally, Egypt has always been separated from the rest of Africa and grouped with ancient civilizations such as Greece, Rome and the surrounding eastern Mediterranean sea cultures. Early historians and Egyptologists reason that in an African populations formed the roots of the Egyptian civilization. In the process of Egyptians establishing a truly brilliant civilization on the contents of Africa where their influence spread far beyond the borders of the country.

In this picture these are a few of the decorations that are used for many of the traditions in Egypt.

Egypt has had a historical as well as a mythical attraction for travel, historians, archaeologist and sciences a like. Form it's geographical location region and God's, clothing and adornments written language, burial customs and architercture the country has managed to capture the hearts of thousands of individuals and research institution.

More decorations

Sham al-Naseem: means sniffing the breeze. Just south of origin celebrate this ancient holiday tomorrow the coming of spring March 21 by spending the day in the countryside or in parks for picnics somehow the picnics on a boat trip on the Nile.

In this picture the people are getting ready for there boat picnic .

Coptic Christmas celebrate Christmas on January 7 and most Egyptians regardless of religion join in the festivals, especially in Cairo and other Coptic regions. Christmas Eve people gather to celebrate and eat a traditional dish of rice, garlic, and meat soup called fata.

In this picture it is showing the Egypt flag with the title of the holiday.
Coptic Christmas is observed on what the Julian Calendar labels the 25th day of December, a date that currently corresponds with January 7 on the more widely used Gregorian Calendar (which is also when Christmas is observed in Eastern Orthodox countries such as Russia).

Where is Egypt, you may ask? Oh I'll tell you: Location,place, region, human-envirment interaction and movement.

Movement:an act of changing physical location or position of change.

The Egyptian Patriotic Movement, or Egyptian National Movement (Arabic: الحركة الوطنية المصرية‎‎) is a political party initiated by former presidential candidate Ahmed Shafik and Mohamed Abu Hamed, former vice chairman of the Free Egyptians Party and founder of the Life of the Egyptians Party.

Human environment interactions:refers to the way people change their environment and how the environment changes them

Human Environment Interactions. Ancient Egyptians really used the lay of the land to their advantage. They took advantage of anything they could, such as the Nile River or the deserts. Here are some ways that they adapted, modified, and depended on the environment, wildlife, and climate.

Region:an area or division, especially part of a country or the world having definable characteristics but not always fixed boundaries

Egypt's geological history has produced four major physical regions: the Nile Valley and Delta, the Western Desert (also known as the Libyan Desert), the Eastern Desert (also known as the Arabian Desert), and the Sinai Peninsula.

This picture is the famous Nile Valley

Place:particular position or point in space.

🇪🇬 Egypts longitude and latitude of Cairo the capital of Egypt 30.0444 *N , 31.2357 *E

Location:a particular place or position.

Location in the continent of Africa , Egypt cover 995,450 square kilometers of water, making it the 30th largest nation in the world a total area of 1,001,450 square kilometers. The majority of the country is located in north Eastern Africa, but its Sinai Peninsula extends out into southwest Asia, connecting the two continents Egypt shares borders with the Gaza Strip and Israel, Sudan and Libya,and has water boundaries along the Mediterranean Sea and theRed Sea.

This is a picture of the coast of the Nile

Egypt is located in Africa and Africa is known for its hot weather so here's some fact do What Egypt weather.

The Egyptian summer is hot and dry, most of the country and humid in the Delta and along the Mediterranean coast. In recent years the humidity has spread to Cairo and the city Swelters in the August. Winter is mild with same rain but usually it is bright, sunny days with cold nights.

This pictures give you back ground on the hours of sunlight Egypt gets .

GEOGRAPHY theme and place:

Egypt is placed in Northeast Africa. The Nile river runs along the country from south to north. Acient Egypt was divided into two regions:upper and lower Egypt . The climate is hot and dry part of the Sahara desert.


Main language: Arabic, Greek, Hebrew, and Amharic (Hieroglyphs is used for writing.

This picture is showing the English alphabet in Egyptian writing.

Relative location

North east Africa boreders Libya, Sudan, and Israel. Red Sea is to the est of Ancient Egypt all desert except for the area around the Nile river.


Population. Beginning of old kingdom was about 1 million, but at the end of the new kingdom population increased to about 5 million. A lot of the population work in the field, even for children.

This picture is showing the up coming leaders.
  • Will your children get a good education? Well of course they will Egypt is the largest overall education system in the Middle East and North Africa and it has grown rapidly since the early 1990s. The goverment is responsible for offering free education to all levels here in (Egypt has 82.06 million (2013) people density of Egypt is 89.99 as of 2014.
Egypt middle school
Community college
Malvern college is a international

The flag of Egypt is a tricolor consisting of the three equal horizontal red, white, and black bands of the Arab Liberarion flag dating back to the egyptian revolution I 1952. The flag bears Egypt anti oil emblem the eagle of Saladin centrered in the white band .

This is the Egypt flag

On February 28, 1922 Britain declared limited independence for Egypt , they did not incorporate any of the opposite leaders in their negotiates, however in the order to maintain control of significant details, most important , Britain kept control of Sudan and maintained its right to defend foreign interests in Egypt .h

Dominican Republic: literacy rate 91.8/91.2

Ecuador: literacy rate 94.5/ 95.4

Egypt:literacy rate 75.2/83.2

Official name: Arab Republic of Egypt

Capital: Cairo

Area: total 1,001,450 sq km

Land: 995,450 sq km water

Export goods: Crude oil, petrdeam prducts, cotton, textiles, mental products chemical, agricultural goods.

Main export partners

  • Saudi Arabia 9.1%
  • Italy7.5
  • Turkey 5.8
  • United States 5.1
  • United Arab Emirates 5.1
  • United Kingdom 4.4
  • India 4.1

Imports 57.91 billion (2015 est)

Endangered . The six species of vultured found in Egypt are also becoming and increasingly rare sight. Egypts wold cats, including the swamp or jungle can't, are mean while threatened but habitat destruction, interbreeding with domestic cats trapping and swaggling. Also the Philippine eagle .

This is a wild cat.
This is the Philippi eagle
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