Publix the premier quality food retailer

Since it's inception in 1930, Publix has strived to be the premier quality food retailer in the world! George Jenkins, founder of Publix, set out to change the way consumers shopped by providing the ultimate customer experience. The company has always looked for new ways to provide their legendary customer service.



Publix's "promotion from within" business model gives it's associates the opportunity to propel their career to new heights! By sticking to this model, Publix ensures that their future hires for upper level positions have seen many different angles of the corporation as a whole. Some of it's associates who hold these upper level positions started out on the store side as a bagger, cashier, or even stock clerk.

Associates have the luxury of mobility within Publix. If there is a desire to switch positions, associates can take the specified training programs or course through Publix to qualify for the position.

Publix offers work:life stability like no other company in it's class. With stock ownership, associates are given a portion of the company! Keeping the company private helps maintain the image and value of the company. Many associates who have worked here for 15 to 20 years retire with a plenty of company stock that allows for a comfortable lifestyle after retirement.


Publix dominates the food retailing industry in Florida and maintains this advantage by saturating the market with stores on almost every corner. This tactic makes it difficult for new or existing competitors to gain market share. Our of the 1100 stores though out the southeastern United States, about 750 are located right here in Florida. The other 450 stores are located in Georgia, Alabama, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, with locations arriving in Virginia next year.

This company is taking note of the ever changing trends consumers are following. As millennials are becoming the main consumers, Publix is targeting this group. These young consumers are not following conventional shopping patterns, they are focusing on the short-term rather than weekly/bi-weekly shopping. Seeing this change, executives have implemented pre-made, as well as hot and ready, food items for these individuals living an "on-the-go" lifestyle.

Taking it one step further, targeting specific demographics has helped maintain Publix's competitive advantage. For example, Publix's Sabor stores are designed around the hispanic community, providing many of the traditional ingredients found in hispanic culture. Greenwise stores focus on the organic trend currently sweeping the nation. This allows Publix the fill a niche in the grocery market that other competitors cannot.


Publix provides it's associates with the opportunity to achieve great things within a great company. This corporation prides itself in being a privately owned business by it's associates. George Jenkins was "dedicated to dignity, value and employment security" of his associates, which makes me proud to be a part of this organization.

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