osmium By:Reed Janssen

protons: 76 Neutrons:144

atomic mass---190.23------------------------------------------- osmium is usually found as a SOLID ---------------------------discovered by smithson tennant & william hyde Wollaston--discovered in: 1803

melting point--3,033˚c---(5491˚f)

boiling point--9,080˚c--(16376˚f)

To make osmium, you put platinum in aqua regia, then you take the residue it makes to get osmium.

Osmium is the densest element at 22.59 g/cm³.

When osmium is exposed to oxygen it can form osmium tetroxide which is poisonous.

Osmium has the 4th highest boiling point and melting point.

Osmium cost about $400 per troy ounce.

Osmium is only found at 0.05 parts per billion of earth


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