IN TIME iPhoneography with long exposures

I don't want to freeze a moment.
Driving through Finland: A showcase of motion blur photos. Motion blur is used to show a sense of speed. I am using camera-app with a slow shutter speed.
Capturing movement in images. Six seconds of movement in time.
Light, weather, landscape, sky.

Drive. Just drive. The longer a camera's shutter remains open, the more light it takes in. I am trying to capture the beauty of motion and paint with light and movement.

The Light Trail mode in my iPhone app allows me to paint with light (Light painting), show car light trails and trafficlights or capture any other moving light. Unlike shooting with a DSLR and being tied to specific rigid settings and heavy equipments this allows me to paint landscape with ease. Hundreds of takes is needed before I find results interesting enough to fine tuned for publishing.
Created By
Ollipekka Kangas


Ollipekka Kangas slow shutter photography project. #longexposure #sixseconds #contemporaryphotography

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